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Published at: 1704710582570

Emixa and Omnext Join Forces Again at Enexis to Further Enhance the Quality of Low-Code Solution

Grid operator Enexis has once again chosen the combination of Emixa and Omnext for analyzing applications developed with Mendix low-code after an evaluation. We support Enexis through our Stay Fit &am...

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Published at: 1704461261051

YALA Streamlines and Enhances the Delivery Process with a New Application

An increasing number of holidaymakers seek an experience that combines the best of both worlds: being close to nature and enjoying the outdoors without compromising on comfort—Glamping. YALA provides ...

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Published at: 1704461201588

A Flexible and Scalable Application Landscape with Mendix

A multi-app solution: you might have heard of it, or the term microservices architecture may sound familiar. Both contribute to making your business more agile and responsive to your customers' needs....

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Published at: 1704461174327

Dazure Streamlines and Simplifies Services with the Launch of Pokket

Creating a well-thought-out mortgage advice is a complex task, considering numerous variables that both the advisor and the buyer need to take into account. Questions such as the maximum mortgage some...

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Published at: 1704461124468

KRVE Went Live with Their KIS Application

De Koninklijke Roeiers Vereeniging Eendracht (KRVE) went live with their KIS application this week. This application covers their entire core system, including the planning of all ships visiting the p...

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Published at: 1704461030845

Winst Uit Je Woning Improves the Customer Onboarding Process with Mendix

Emixa enhances Winst uit je Woning's registration form The form becomes more transparent, comprehensive, user-friendly, and easier to process The registration process receives a robust quality boost E...

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Published at: 1704460959798

The Importance of Cloud Migration to Mendix V4

V3 was the trusted cloud environment for Mendix for a long time. In 2017, its successor came into existence, and Mendix Cloud v4 was born. If your application is still hosted in Mendix Cloud v3, it is...

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Published at: 1703867099663

Pop Vriend Seeds adds Low Code to ICT landscape with the Pop App

The growing global population and demand for healthy, vitamin-rich food are driving the vegetable seed market worldwide. Pop Vriend Seeds, based in Andijk in West Friesland, is a major player in this ...

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Published at: 1703866909775

Multi-Factor Authentication for Mendix

As Emixa places great emphasis on creating high-quality and secure applications, we are currently actively implementing two-factor authentication (2FA) for multiple clients. Typically, this is done us...

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