Boomi Training

Hands-on Boomi Training: Transform your IT Team into Integration Experts

Who’s it for?

Organisations often have their own IT department with highly qualified developers, however they may lack certain specific knowledge in the field of low-code, in particular when it comes to Boomi. In this case, training your own people is essential in order to safeguard the success of the project.

Course Agenda

We provide your employees with the necessary latest knowledge for the Boomi platform. Of course, we tailor our training according to your specific organisational goals and software systems. Our training goes beyond the standard Boomi tutorials, focused on best practices and adapted to your specific business needs. The training program is as follows:

  • Part One: Introduction, Standards, Best Practices
  • Part Two: Document Check, Error Handling
  • Part Three: Integration Styles
  • Part Four: Advanced Mapping
  • Part Five: APIs
  • Part Six: Integration Patterns

Are you looking to make progress in Boomi for yourself, your colleagues or your employees?

We adjust the training based on the skills of the developers.

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