Platinum partner

Siemens Digital Industry Software, known for its Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, empowers businesses to streamline product development processes and enhance collaboration for greater efficiency and innovation. Read more >


Gold partner

SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for manufacturing optimizes production processes, resource allocation, and supply chain management, enabling manufacturers to operate efficiently and effectively in today's competitive business landscape. Read more >


Gold partner

Mendix is a powerful low-code software platform that empowers organizations to quickly and efficiently build, deploy, and manage custom applications, accelerating digital transformation and innovation across various industries. Read more >


Partner of the Year 2023

Boomi is a software company that specializes in integration platform as a service, API management, master data management and data preparation. Read more >


Partner of the Year 2022

Solace is a middleware company that manufactures and sells message-oriented middleware appliances and software that routes information between applications, devices and user interfaces. Read more >
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Emixa proudly collaborates with industry-leading partners Siemens, SAP, Mendix, Boomi, and Solace to deliver cutting-edge solutions and drive digital transformation across various sectors. Together, we empower organizations with innovative technologies and expertise, ensuring they stay ahead in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. Read more >

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