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Trend #1

Horizontal data analyses

Horizontal data analyses turn data insights into business innovations. Digitization yields vast data, requiring tools for analytics, mining, and visualization in finance.

Trend #2

The growing importance of ecosystems

Ecosystems thrive as tech giants challenge traditional finance in open banking era, reshaping financial services landscape.

Trend #3

Focus on digital strategy

A strong digital strategy focuses on tech-driven transformation, shifting from monolithic systems to flexible microservices, utilizing open APIs for diverse business models, and emphasizing continuous user experience optimization.
IND - Financial Services - Banking


In the future, banking will undergo considerable changes due to consumer expectations, emerging technologies and new business models. Banks need to develop strategies now to prepare for this evolution.
IND - Financial Services - FinTechs


Fintechs stand out with a high level of innovation in financial services, strive to disrupt the established order, and range from traditional banks to tech and e-commerce companies.
IND - Financial Services - Mortages


In the aftermath of the credit crisis, there is a heightened global wariness toward debt. Dutch mortgages, being significant on the international scale, are perceived as a potential risk to the financial stability of households, banks, and the economy.


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API Management Solution on Top of SAP – Global PSP

A globally active payment service provider specialising in emerging economies, serving 50+ countries with 400+ payment methods. Emixa replaced the Tibco ESB bus with a modern Boomi API management solution, allowing 200,000 companies to process real-time accounts, payments and customer data in the central SAP system.


Operational efficiency – ING Bank

Emixa and the ING team have developed several applications in close collaboration. A great example is a project in ING’s Document & Content Services department. 

To provide people with the best possible customer journey, it was necessary to create an internal environment in which the CJEs could collaborate more efficiently and effectively with each other in the field of customer communication.


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