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Which are likely to impact your business, in the near future.


If you really want to become data driven, you have to embed it in your business strategy and goals.

Otherwise, it will remain a side project that you can say goodbye to anytime.

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One of the biggest challenges facing the manufacturing industry is likely to be the need to adapt to rapidly changing technology and market conditions. New technologies, such as artificial intelligence and advanced materials, become more widely adopted.

Manufacturers will need to invest in training and upskilling their workforce to ensure they have the necessary skills to compete in the changing landscape.

Additionally, manufacturers will need to navigate shifts in global trade and economic conditions, as well as changing customer preferences and expectations. Managing these challenges will require a focus on agility, innovation, and adaptability.

visualLogistics LOGISTICS


The rapid growth of e-commerce has led to an increase in the demand for warehousing and distribution services. This can be a challenge for warehousing companies to meet, as it requires significant investments in infrastructure and logistics.

visualCommerce COMMERCE


Retail companies must manage complex supply chains. Consumers expect a high level of personalization and a seamless customer experience, both online and in-store. Retailers must be able to meet these expectations in order to remain competitive.

visualConstruction CONSTRUCTION & ASSETS


Labor shortages and rising material costs can impact the profitability of construction projects and your asset lifecycle. Complex regulations, sustainability and environmental concerns may increase pressure to adopt more sustainable practices and reduce environmental impact.


How we help


Management consulting

Solve problems and improve performance by providing expert advice on digital strategy and implementation.


Digital innovation

Become more future proof by introducing new technologies and digital solutions (i.e. low code).


Product digitalisation

Increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve the customer experience by transforming physical products into digital ones.


Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Streamline operations and increase efficiency by managing key business processes.


Product lifecycle management (PLM)

Streamline product development process, improve collaboration, and reduce costs.


Data analytics

Identify trends and anomalies, optimize performance and improve decision making by using data to its full potential.


Digital transformation will make your processes more agile and efficient.

That’s what our 400+ professionals thrive every day.  How to create business value and increase your  competitive advantages?

Emixa is a group of companies with a focus on the manufacturing industry. The ultimate industry where  our competences and interests come together.

No one can predict the future, but you still have to prepare for it. We’ll help you to the next stage. Fasten your seatbelts. Get ready for the future.


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