Emixa Agile Workshops (Offline & Online)

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For most organizations, adopting Agile through the Scrum methodology represents a fundamental shift in collaboration and management. To implement this change effectively, it is crucial first to experience and understand what Agile working through Scrum truly entails. To introduce this topic in an engaging manner, Magnus organizes Agile workshops where participants can experience this philosophy and way of working firsthand. These workshops are offered both offline, in the form of a cooking workshop, and online, where participants will build the ideal campsite!

What is Agile?

Agile requires a completely different mindset and approach for most people. Business and IT work directly together, sharing responsibility collectively. How do you ensure they feel this joint responsibility? How do you best manage these teams?

What is Scrum?

Scrum is a method used to handle Agile development projects. Known for its sprints, daily stand-ups, and brown papers with post-its. But how does it actually work? Which tools are the most effective? And how do you get people to adhere to Scrum rules?


The Emixa Agile Workshops (offline and online)

Cooking Workshop (Offline)

In this workshop, after a brief theoretical session, teams work on various dishes in a professional kitchen. The product owner ensures the product (the dish) meets all requirements (the recipe), and the Scrum master ensures all team members (the cooks) can perform their tasks effectively. Let’s cook!

One participant on the Agile Cooking Workshop: "There’s a recipe, you turn it into requests, and then there’s a lot of energy in the team and a high demand for each other’s help. I think it’s very representative of what happens in an IT project."



Campsite Workshop (Online)

This digital variant also starts with a theoretical session. Then, participants create the ideal campsite in an Agile manner (imagination is encouraged!). The concept is the same as the Agile Cooking Workshop, but this workshop is conducted entirely online via Zoom or Teams. Additionally, participants will get to know Miro, a handy tool used by many organizations for digital collaboration, such as online retrospectives. After formulating the product vision and creating the product backlog, the ideal campsite’s layout is developed in Miro over 2 sprints. 


Who are the Emixa Agile Workshops for?

  • Those who want to start working with Agile & Scrum within their teams immediately
  • Those who believe that hands-on experiences work best
  • Those looking for a realistic perspective on Agile
  • Those who want to rely on a team of experienced Agile trainers
  • Those seeking smart ways to apply Agile
  • Executives and management teams who want to understand the working methods and management better