Unlocking Organizational Agility: The Emixa Agile Assessment

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In today's rapidly evolving world, businesses must keep pace with change. Adaptability and speed are paramount to delivering sustained value. Harnessing the power of the agile/scrum methodology can be a game-changer in this regard.

However, we often witness organizations struggling to fully capitalize on the benefits this approach offers, especially at scale. That's where Emixa Management Consulting comes in with its innovative solution: the Emixa Agile Assessment.

Unveiling the Emixa Approach

  • A Clear Snapshot of Your Agile Landscape: We provide a comprehensive view of your organization's current agile practices.
  • Insights into Root Causes: Gain a deep understanding of the real issues hindering smooth operations.
  • Actionable Improvements: Get practical recommendations you can implement right away.

Meet Emixa: Pioneers in Agile Transformation

At Emixa Management Consulting, we excel in translating strategy into practical implementation and successfully executing these solutions for our clients. Our extensive experience enables us to discern what works and what doesn't. While many have heard of agile/scrum approaches, often, the true essence is lost or misunderstood. Experience has shown us that seemingly minor nuances can make all the difference.

Since the inception of agile methodologies, we've been applying and implementing agile and scrum practices, perfectly aligned with the open, flat organizational culture at Emixa.

Introducing the Agile Assessment

The Emixa Agile Assessment is designed to evaluate and enhance your organization's agile practices. Our experts thoroughly examine your organization, pinpointing its challenges and identifying the underlying causes. We present these findings clearly, supported by illustrative examples, and provide practical solutions along with valuable tools. The Emixa Agile Assessment has successfully guided numerous organizations in assessing their current work methods and uncovering pain points.

What Does the Agile Assessment Encompass?

The exact structure of the agile assessment depends on your organization's specific needs. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect from our agile assessment framework:

  • Evaluation across three crucial dimensions: Content, Process, and People
  • Scrutiny of agile process performance
  • Identification of areas ready for improvement
  • Development of a roadmap with a timeline for next steps
  • Prioritization: Determining the most effective initial actions (‘low hanging fruit’)
  • Agile maturity assessment: Understanding your current level of applying Agile effectively

Is the Agile Assessment for You?

If you operate in an agile organization as a product owner, scrum master, business owner, IT leader, or executive responsible for an agile-driven organization, and if you find yourself grappling with questions like:

  • How can I apply agile/scrum principles to my specific organization?
  • What is the maturity level of our agile approach?
  • Is our entire process truly agile, or are there gaps?
  • What is causing our difficulties?
  • Does my team possess the requisite skills?
  • How are others doing it?
  • Where can we unlock potential for improvement?

 Then the Emixa Agile Assessment is your guiding light. With our assessment, you'll gain a crystal-clear understanding of your current approach and actionable insights for improvement. In an ever-changing landscape, agility is your key to success.

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