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Published at: 1714656475871

Manufacturing Menu: Smart Solutions for Future-Proof Warehouse Management

In the dynamic world of logistics and warehouse management, companies face the challenge of adapting to a rapidly evolving environment. With the growth of e-commerce and increasing customer demands re...

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Published at: 1714650893389

Manufacturing Menu: Boost your Manufacturing Company with a Modern Supplier Portal

Manufacturing companies operate in a complex and dynamic market landscape. One of the significant challenges is effectively managing relationships with suppliers, especially when dealing with complex ...

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Published at: 1704793622814

Customization in SAP S/4HANA Thanks to 'Mendix on Top of SAP

SAP has been a major player in the ERP market for years. With the SAP ECC-Business Suite, SAP developers have the ability to add custom software to standard configured business processes.

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Published at: 1704710479955

Tony's Chocolonely Joins Forces: a Sustainable Journey to Quality in Boomi Processes

Tony's Chocolonely, the renowned Dutch manufacturer of fairtrade chocolate bars, has enlisted our assistance, along with Omnext, to enhance the quality of their Boomi processes. This collaboration und...

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Published at: 1704710335994

Here are 5 Success Ingredients for Low-Code Projects

How do you make integration and application projects with low-code a success? Many organizations see the opportunities of low-code but are simultaneously apprehensive about the still new and unfamilia...

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Published at: 1704461572977

Event Recap: Revolutionize Manufacturing on November 23, 2023

An Innovative Journey at Siemens: Diving into the Future of Manufacturing!

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Published at: 1704461489904

Farewell to your Legacy Software; Is it a Big Project?

As an IT manager, you may have found yourself in a dilemma for some time. On one hand, you want to meet the business demand for making rapid adjustments as your processes evolve. On the other hand, th...

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Published at: 1704461415669

Initiate the Digital Transformation of your Organization

Edwin Bergamin, from Emixa, assists organizations with challenges at the intersection of Business and IT. These organizations aim to prepare themselves for the digital journey into the future, also kn...

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Published at: 1704461353478

Legal Studio and Emixa Assist the Legal Sector in Digitizing Workflows

The legal sector is known for being traditional and conservative. Digitalization is making strides, but most methods have remained the same for decades. The new KLEA platform (Knowledgeable Legal Enti...

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