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Published at: 1712305318244

Mastering Online Retrospectives: Five Essential Tips

We already wrote about how to deal with the 3 most common challenges for a scrum master working remotely. In this article we’ll elaborate on how to deal with one challenge specifically: How do you eff...

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Published at: 1712071641140

3 Tips for Working Remotely as a Scrum Master

Scrum teams work best when they can work together physically at the same location. However, it is common for team members within a scrum team to work remote from each other. This creates some challeng...

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Published at: 1711700014325

Process Mining: the accelerator for a successful S/4HANA migration

You may already be familiar with SAP's future plans: within the next five years, support from SAP for SAP ECC will no longer exist. 2027 may still seem far away, but without the right approach, S/4HAN...

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Published at: 1711699631492

Construction problems? Solve it by building modularly

We have good and bad news for the construction industry in the Netherlands. The good news: there is plenty of work due to the housing shortage. The bad news? We cannot solve this by building alone. A ...

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Published at: 1711699554935

Compare SAP ETM vs successor

With S/4HANA and Fiori, SAP is making great strides into the cloud. But what does this mean for organizations using SAP ETM to support their rental processes? The answer is simple: a move to

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Published at: 1709635203072

Unlocking Organizational Agility: The Emixa Agile Assessment

In today's rapidly evolving world, businesses must keep pace with change. Adaptability and speed are paramount to delivering sustained value. Harnessing the power of the agile/scrum methodology can be...

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Published at: 1708011174161

Emixa's Remarkable Success at Siemens EMEA Partner Summit: Leading the Charge in Digital Transformation

At the heart of the industrial world's digital transformation, the Siemens EMEA Partner Summit is a key event where leaders in technology and innovation come together. It's with immense pride we share...

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Published at: 1706799806806

Emixa: Pioneer in the Digital Revolution through Siemens Xcelerator Partnership

In an era where digitalisation and technological innovation are pivotal to industrial progress, Emixa and Actemium stand at the forefront of a groundbreaking development. These two industrial technolo...

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Published at: 1706782156563

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