Event Recap: Revolutionize Manufacturing on November 23, 2023

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An Innovative Journey at Siemens: Diving into the Future of Manufacturing!

On Thursday, November 23, we embarked on a captivating journey to the Siemens Digital Experience Center. Let's reflect on the "Revolutionize Manufacturing" event, attended by prominent clients such as ASML, Spierings Mobile Cranes, and AAE bv.

In this unique environment, we shared thoughts and insights about the future of the manufacturing sector, with a focus on improving production quality and cost optimization.

MicrosoftTeams-image (15)The setting of the Siemens Digital Experience Center provided the perfect ambiance to experience advanced technologies. Here, we engaged in discussions about innovations that will shape the future of production. The highlight of the day was the exchange of ideas on digitalTwins, digitization, and the development of Low Code software—topics central to the industry's transformation.

The event not only allowed us to gain insight into the trends shaping the manufacturing sector but also facilitated sharing experiences with digitization and simulations. Through these shared experiences, understanding was enhanced, and opportunities for future collaborations and innovations emerged.

Special thanks to all participants who contributed to the success of this event. Together, we formed a valuable network, and we look forward to the fruitful collaborations and innovations that will result from it. The journey to the Siemens Digital Experience Center was not just a visit but a step towards the future of the manufacturing sector.

Would you like to join us next time? 

Due to the success, we would like to organize a similar event in 2024. Interested?