Event Recap: Exploring the Future of Manufacturing, May 22nd 2024

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Unveiling the Future if Manufacturing at Siemens Digital Experience Center. 

On May 22, we had the pleasure of welcoming a diverse group of industry leaders and innovators to the Siemens Digital Experience Center to discuss the latest advancements in the digital landscape. This event brought together representatives from HTM, Plegt-Vos, Smink Group, Canon Medical Systems, Symbol BV, Danone, and Saint-Gobain for a day of insightful discussions and networking. 

MFI Event I LinkedIn Carrousel 1200 x 1500 - 3-1An Inspiring Setting for In-Depth Conversations

Held in the always inspiring setting of the Siemens Digital Experience Centre (DEX), the event facilitated in-depth conversations between speakers and attendees. These dialogues focused on the challenges and technological developments currently shaping the manufacturing industry. Attendees addressed critical topics such as Generative AI, Digital Twins, digitalization and low-code software development, and explored how these innovations are transforming the development and production processes within their respective organizations.

Exploring Key Technological Innovations 

The enthusiasm among attendees was evident, particularly during discussions on Generative AI and Digital Twins. These technologies, along with digitalization and low-code software development, are becoming increasingly important in the manufacturing sector. The sessions highlighted how these tools can improve efficiency, drive innovation and streamline processes. Judging by the level of engagement, the highlight of the day was the exchange of ideas on Digital Twins, digitalization and low-code software development - topics that are central to the transformation of the industry.


Acknowledging Our Gratitude 

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our presenters—Simon Scheepens, Nienke Vergeer, Bas van der Horst, and
Sven Rademaker—who generously shared their expertise and insights. Their presentations were instrumental in driving
the event's success, providing attendees with a deeper understanding of the technological advancements and their
practical applications in the manufacturing field.

We are immensely grateful to Mendix an Siemens for their exceptional hospitality and for providing such as inspiring location for our event. Their support was crucial in creating an environment conducive to learning and collaboration. Additionally, we thank all the participants for their openness and valuable contributions, which allowed for a rich exchange of ideas and experiences. 

As we reflect on the success of this event, we are excited about the future and the continued exploration of digital transformation in manufacturing. If you're curious and would like to attend a future session, please let get in touch below. We are committed to fostering a community of innovation and knowledge-sharing, and we look forward to hosting more events that inspire and inform.

Would you like to join us next time? 

We are looking to host another event in the fourth quarter of 2024. Interested?