Tony's Chocolonely Joins Forces: a Sustainable Journey to Quality in Boomi Processes

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Tony's Chocolonely, the renowned Dutch manufacturer of fairtrade chocolate bars, has enlisted our assistance, along with Omnext, to enhance the quality of their Boomi processes. This collaboration underscores Tony's Chocolonely's ongoing commitment to transparency and sustainability, extending even to their business operations

Tony's Chocolonely is globally recognized for its dedication to fair trade and combating child labor and modern slavery in cocoa production. In addition to their ethical goals, the company has always focused on quality and process improvement to meet the highest standards for their chocolate products.

The company has been using Boomi for a considerable period to connect various business systems and optimize operational efficiency. As Boomi specialists, in collaboration with Omnext, experts in software quality and analysis, we are assisting Tony's Chocolonely in optimizing their Boomi implementations. The objective is to minimize errors, enhance performance, and ensure the stability of the systems. Omnext ensures that we retain and improve the good aspects while minimizing errors and preventing the recurrence of mistakes.

Feike van der Werf, Head of IT at Tony's Chocolonely, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: "At Tony's Chocolonely, we strive to maintain high-quality and ethical standards throughout our entire supply chain. Raise the Bar!! This applies not only to our chocolate products but also to how we manage our business processes and engage with partners. We have engaged Emixa to assist us in (automatedly) identifying and resolving potential shortcomings in our Boomi implementations. This way, we can improve efficiency and continue to meet the highest standards for data privacy and security."

Omnext's software will conduct a comprehensive analysis of Tony's Chocolonely's Boomi implementations and provide reports on potential improvements and optimizations. With this, Tony's Chocolonely aims not only to elevate the quality of their business processes but also to amplify the impact of their efforts toward a fair chocolate industry.

This collaboration underscores Tony's Chocolonely's ongoing dedication to both quality and ethics in their operations, reinforcing their position as a trailblazer in the chocolate industry.

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