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Enjoying the comforts and feeling of home while on the road and at the most beautiful destinations: that is the feeling Thetford wants to give its customers. With sanitary systems, kitchen appliances and portable toilets, Thetford provides high-quality, hygienic and comfortable solutions for anyone with a passion for freedom, travel and camping. The company was founded in the American state of Michigan and is now active worldwide.

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Business Challenges

In 2019, the European branch of the organisation switched to the IFS ERP system and has used Boomi since 2022, but in the United States the company was still working with its own ERP and integration system. Thetford's wish was to also switch to IFS (ERP) and Boomi (integration) in America, in order to make EDI processes scalable and use the same system in both parts of the world. For example, it is useful if all information, such as production or financial data, comes from the same system, regardless of geographic location.

Keys to Success

Eager to deploy Boomi promptly in the US, Thetford approached Appronto, seeking expertise to integrate customers with IFS. Using Boomi for the EDI migration enabled Thetford to process and connect ANSI X12 messages* to Boomi alongside existing integrations.  
Thanks to this step and linking the EDI configurator, Thetford was able to test data transfer with trading partners and integrate EDI processes (think sharing and exchanging important business documents like orders, shipments and invoices) with IFS, Thetford U.S.'s new ERP system. The result: decoupled, streamlined, scalable processes.  
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Thanks to the software integration, Thetford now has one ERP system and integration platform for Europe and the United States. This means that the company has a more uniform data landscape and can more easily exchange information and messages between locations on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.  
In addition, Thetford no longer has to deal with an extra vendor and point of contact for integration, monitoring and onboarding. Appronto also contributes to training the American staff, so that the company itself has all the necessary knowledge in-house to manage and monitor IFS and the Boomi integration environment.

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Process optimisation thanks to Boomi collaboration

The collaboration in this project has provided great insight into the use and set-up of Boomi. As a result, existing processes are now being optimised based on the knowledge gained in this project. This opens the doors to deepen the collaboration with Emixa so that they can also provide support on our existing processes.


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Informatie manager

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