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Pokket is an online tool that gives financial advisers insight into mortgage options and associated risks within minutes. The tool is a joint initiative of three parties: Dazure, a supplier of innovative financial products, Gijs van Hooijdonk, a well-known franchisee of The Mortgage Broker and Emixa.

The application was developed on the Mendix low-code platform and offers, in addition to fast insight, also reports that can be shown directly to customers. Consultations can thus be shortened by 75 percent and advisers achieve 10 percent more turnover because they can give more personal attention to customers.

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Business Challenges

In the past, mortgage advisers often had to go through a lot of information first before they could determine the maximum mortgage a client could get. Filling out all the forms usually took about three quarters of an hour. It was a lengthy process in which mortgage advisers used different calculation tools alongside each other. In many cases, the results were unclear, difficult to understand and could not be shown directly to clients.
In addition, the commission ban has been in effect since 2013. As a result, initial interviews were often free and it became even more important to be able to quickly determine whether a client qualifies for a mortgage after a free initial interview and is therefore eligible for a paid follow-up process. Since the commission ban, time has literally become money.  
Many mortgage advisers therefore needed a quick and easy inventory process to assess mortgage applications. Dazure, Gijs van Hooijdonk and Emixa decided to join forces and together look at whether they could build an application that met this need.  
This was a complex process. Calculations had to be made for clients that are fully in line with Dutch laws and regulations. This includes, for example, the NHG rules and those of the Tax Office. In addition, it was a requirement that the data in the tool could be clearly presented to clients.
In close cooperation, the three parties eventually developed 'Pokket'. Emixa developed the tool and the other two parties provided their expertise. Development took a few months and went smoothly. The distribution of roles between the parties was clear from the start, allowing good results to be achieved quickly in the development of this complex tool.

Keys to Success

In the initial interview, clients now provide key data to the mortgage advisor, and within minutes, Pokket determines the maximum mortgage amount and assesses the viability of transferring an existing mortgage. With all calculations consolidated in a clear dashboard, advisors can directly present results to clients, eliminating the need for multiple calculation tools.
Pokket empowers mortgage advisors to actively engage clients throughout the entire mortgage application process, from identifying opportunities to providing advice and aftercare. The tool ensures both advisors and clients gain rapid insights into application possibilities, streamlining a process that was traditionally complex with multiple tools.
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Pokket is a great success for mortgage advisors. The intake process has been shortened by 75 percent. This efficiency gain allows advisors to dedicate more time and attention to their clients, resulting in an average revenue increase of 10%. The number of advisors using Pokket is also growing rapidly. Dazure first adopted Pokket in 2020. The tool was then initially used by around 70 advisors, but now some 300 advisors already use Pokket and the number of requests continues to grow. 
The data highlights the tool's extensive use, as almost 90% of advisors integrate Pokket into their daily or near-daily routines, alongside their existing planning packages. Mortgage advisors particularly value Pokket for its multifunctionality and the rapid insights it provides to clients.



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Emixa & Pokket: Simplifying Complexity

Emixa, like us, shares a commitment to simplifying complex matters. This was precisely the challenge with Pokket: transforming intricate calculations into a clear presentation for clients. Together, we successfully navigated this development process, resulting in an extremely successful online calculation and reporting tool.

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