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Secrid, a dynamic and fast-growing company, has emerged as a pioneer in designing, producing, and globally distributing a new generation of wallets. With an agile team of over a hundred dedicated employees, Secrid has swiftly evolved from a visionary start-up to a thriving multinational entity in just a decade. The company’s innovative pocket-sized products are now available in over 8500 stores worldwide, with the addition of four new point of sales daily, showcasing its remarkable and expansive growth.

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Business Challenges

In the wake of its extraordinary growth, Secrid faced operational hurdles as the number of employees doubled in the past years, suppressing a hundred. Transitioning from an innovative start-up to a multimillion-dollar enterprise in a decade posed unique challenges. Dependent on a third-party web shop, the inadequacy of integration between the web shop and the back-office system led to manual data entry, discrepancies, and delays. Managing the warehouse became increasingly time-consuming and labour-intensive.

Recognizing the urgent need for a comprehensive integration solution, Secrid embarked on a transformative journey, collaborating with Boomi and Emixa to streamline data flow, automate processes, and elevate overall business performance. The implementation of the Master Data Hub, powered by Boomi, ensured consistent and accurate distribution of product data sourced from NetSuite across various systems. This integration guaranteed synchronized and up-to-date product information and inventory levels, enhancing overall data accuracy and operational efficiency.

Keys to Success

Secrid tackled integration challenges by implementing NetSuite integration through the Boomi platform. Orchestrated seamlessly by Emixa in collaboration with Boomi, this comprehensive project spanned various aspects of the business chain, including the web shop, payment, production, warehousing, and logistics. Processing between 300,00 and 400,000 messages daily, the platform significantly improved data accuracy and insights across the entire IT landscape. Secrid achieved a remarkable 95% reduction in integration traffic by synchronizing only substantive changes in master data.

Leveraging Boomi’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS), Secrid executed over 150 integration processes, enabling seamless data flow between the CloudSuite e-commerce platform, Oracle database applications, and customer support systems. This automation led to a nearly 50% reduction in core business process lead time, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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Secrid's strategic integration efforts resulted in a remarkable 95% reduction in traffic, minimizing data bottlenecks and ensuring seamless exchanges across the IT landscape. This streamlined flow of information not only boosted operational efficiency but also facilitated real-time decision-making, contributing to enhanced business agility.

Furthermore, the integration processes led to a substantial 50-75% reduction in order processing times, ensuring faster order fulfilment and heightened customer satisfaction. These efficiency improvements, coupled with Secrid’s transition to NetSuite and the implementation of Boomi’s integration platform, have solidified Secrid’s reputation as a leader in delivering exceptional service and innovative products worldwide.


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Emixa: key to supply chain efficiency at Secrid

With All This and Emixa we have finally found the right ingredients for a system that streamlines our supply chain processes. The supplier portal is essential for Secrid to optimise the processes around logistics and production and support further growth. Emixa serves as a strategic partner on the business front, offering both technical expertise and agility in proposing and implementing solutions

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