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NHG offers the Nationale Hypotheek Garantie (National Mortgage Guarantee), serving as residual debt insurance for consumers and a guarantee for lenders. This scheme enables over 1.3 million households, out of a total of 4.4 million owner-occupied homes, to secure a mortgage. In response to significant societal and mortgage market changes, NHG aimed to introduce new services and enhance collaboration efficiency across the value chain. Emixa played a key role in driving this substantial transformation while ensuring seamless business operations continued.

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Business Challenges

The changing landscape in the mortgage market and societal shifts prompted NHG to reassess its services. The organisation aimed to introduce new variations of its services, but the inflexibility of outdated IT systems hindered innovation. NHG recognised the need for a flexible environment to facilitate the launch of innovative offerings.
A significant challenge faced by NHG was the outdated software used for much of the data exchange with mortgage providers. This antiquated system resulted in limited use by lenders, highlighting the necessity to digitise data exchange for enhanced collaboration. The goal was to modernise the system and improve usability.
NHG relied on multiple applications, leading to scattered data storage. Retrieving and inputting data became time-consuming and error-prone. NHG sought a standardised data model and the streamlining of (value chain) processes through adaptable workflows to address these inefficiencies.

Keys to success

Emixa kickstarted the digital transformation using the Mendix platform, a complex undertaking involving the replacement and digitisation of an entire application landscape. The challenge encompassed phasing out twelve systems to integrate six Mendix applications seamlessly. A crucial prerequisite was the uninterrupted provision of the Netherlands' primary mortgage product (approximately 150,000 mortgage loans with NHG).
The entire NHG value chain is now supported by the new platform. All data has been migrated to the new applications. Business rules management has been decoupled from the code, empowering NHG staff to independently implement and manage evolving laws and regulations. The transition involved migrating the old environment to a Microservices Architecture, described by NHG as an "open-heart surgery," replacing all software without disrupting ongoing business operations.
Over the course of a year and a half, the project unfolded in an agile manner, with the team implementing the new systems gradually. Beyond data migration, NHG employees underwent training, and all lenders in the Netherlands were seamlessly connected. Rigorous measures were also implemented to ensure the secure storage of sensitive data.
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The collaboration ultimately produced remarkable outcomes, including the delivery of a strategic new product enabling self-employed individuals to obtain an NHG mortgage. This innovative solution gained rapid traction, with over a thousand self-employed individuals securing a mortgage with the National Mortgage Guarantee in the initial months.
The shift to an agile development approach for the entire application landscape marked a significant change. With monthly releases replacing the previous annual schedule, this enhanced adaptability enables the swift achievement of strategic goals.
The automation of data exchange and improved data management now operate seamlessly. The newly introduced features are user-friendly, contributing to a notable increase in usage by mortgage companies and achieving higher data quality. This has resulted in maximum efficiency for both value chain partners and NHG. In the initial months alone, millions of online mortgage assessments were conducted, and over three thousand streamlined workflows were initiated.
An added benefit was the success of Emixa's agile/Scrum approach in creating highly user-friendly applications. The positive reception led NHG to adopt this agile way of working throughout the entire organisation, making IT a driving force for organisational innovation.

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NHG Test Success: Millions of Applications in Weeks

The NHG test has also been made accessible to our chain partners via a web service so that they can also offer the test. In the first weeks, the test was invoked millions of times. The initial response was unprecedented, and the application has greatly exceeded our expectations. Apart from doing a very good job, Emixa also regularly advises us on what could be improved. They really think along with us.

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