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Fire damage to the home, a leak in the bathroom or damaged furniture - with MainPlus you are always in the right place for good handling and sustainable restoration in case of damage to your contents or building. As an independent partner, MainPlus relieves you as an insurer or agent and assists your customers throughout the entire restoration process.
To streamline the entire claim process, MainPlus uses the MainFlow system. The 7-step service model provides clarity on the complex process, from initiating repairs to coordination and complete settlement. MainPlus initially built this platform together with another party. After some time, MainPlus decided to look for a new partner, with Emixa being the preferred choice.  
MainPlus operates completely independently and does not earn money from the repair partner. This is unique in the industry. Moreover, the business model is decoupled from the amount of the loss, while procurement from repair partners is based on quality and market conformity instead of the lowest price.
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Business Challenges

Effectively and transparently streamlining the entire information chain is a significant hurdle in the claims settlement process. Traditionally, each party involved - the insured, the insurer, and the repair partner - inputs information into their respective systems. Due to the lack of communication between these systems, valuable time is wasted searching for information and exchanging emails for clarification. Additionally, phone calls between stakeholders lead to delays and the potential misinterpretation of provided information.
Recognising the need for a more efficient settlement process, MainPlus embarked on a search for a partner to develop a platform facilitating seamless communication among stakeholders. The aim is to prevent errors, enhance efficiency, and reduce both time and costs associated with the claims settlement process.

Keys to Success

MainPlus initially developed the MainFlow software platform, and now Emixa is further enhancing it. True to its name, MainFlow focuses on simplifying the damage repair process. The solution integrates the ICT systems of all stakeholders, consolidating relevant data into a central environment. Once the insured reports damage, insurers, repair partners, and MainPlus instantly access all information.
Emixa became a partner after the initial build due to its collaborative approach and project leadership. At that time, the initial version MainFlow 1.0 was running in Java but reaching the end of its lifecycle. Lacking an in-house architect, MainPlus sought a development environment and IT partner to modernise MainFlow, leading them to the Mendix low-code platform. Working with proven building blocks ensures faster development while keeping costs manageable.
The existing system, initially focused on property maintenance, has been transformed by both parties into a claims settlement platform. Emixa replaced the integration layer with a Boomi-based architecture, simplifying application use. The redesign emphasises crucial information, providing employees with a clearer overview of requests for easier and quicker processing.
Boomi integration connected three applications. For claims settlement, Expo from Nationale Nederlanden and Dispatch from Achmea were integrated, allowing insurers to upload claims. This integration links cases and provides customer feedback. The third Boomi integration involved Exact, enabling invoicing for claims. The entire integration process took less than two months, facilitated by collaboration with Emixa's Mendix team.
MainPlus values Emixa's personal approach, noting their ability to connect business and IT aspects. The partnership is viewed as truly sustainable, aligning with MainPlus's vision of lean IT.
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MainFlow has revolutionised the transparency of information flow, significantly reducing the time it takes to settle claims. Insured individuals can promptly schedule appointments with MainPlus's chain partners and manage settlements through a single point of contact. This streamlined approach optimises the repair process and claim files, benefiting all stakeholders. Insured parties enjoy consistent support, insurers experience reduced losses, and repair work quality is assured.
The efficiency of manual case entry has also improved. While 90% of reports come through the new Boomi-based integration layer, some insurers still use email. These cases have to be entered manually by the claims handler. Emixa has developed a wizard for this purpose, resulting in a much faster processing time for manually entered cases—approximately 6 minutes faster per request.
Collaborating with Emixa has facilitated "quick wins" that enhance MainFlow. Continuous steps are being taken to improve efficiency and productivity. System integration and enhanced links ensure an even more streamlined process for claims settlement, with a rapid response being initiated on the same day as the report.



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Emixa and MainPlus: Synergy in Innovation

From the beginning, the collaboration between MainPlus Damage Repair and Emixa has been highly successful. Within just a few months of working together, it felt like we had been partners for much longer. We sought a partner who actively engages in collaborative thinking. Emixa is unafraid to act as a critical counterpart when needed. As a result, the platform has exceeded our expectations.

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Michel Amptmeijer

Directeur MainPlus

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