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Warehousing and Logistics Simulation

Our projects focus on warehousing and logistics. This involves validating new warehouse designs and offering assistance with investment-related matters.


Validating New Warehouse Designs or Providing Support for Investment Issues

Our Emixa simulation consultants offer invaluable expertise to companies in pursuit of advanced insights into the ramifications of automation, such as the introduction of new equipment or production tools. For example, when a company considers the (partial) substitution of forklifts with AGVs (automated guided vehicles).

Create Higher-Level Insights Into the Effect of Automation

Simulations in the field of warehousing are extremely suitable for issues related to storage capacity. Through simulation, we can make inbound and outbound flows over time transparent and analyse their impact on storage capacity. In addition, we test the impact of potential changes in storage strategies or rack dimensions on storage capacity.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do consultants validate the functionality of new production lines?
Our simulation consultants run simulations using Tecnomatix that mimic real-world operations, allowing them to optimise and validate new processes before physical implementation.
What role do simulations play in investment decision-making for logistics?
Simulations provide a data-driven basis for decision-making, helping to forecast the outcomes of investments in new equipment or warehouse redesigns. This approach helps companies achieve a higher ROI.
What benefits does simulation offer for greenfield projects?
For new production lines or warehouses, simulation serves as a valuable tool for early design validation, identifying potential issues prior to implementation. Through simulation, we can propose enhancements to the design, fostering a more efficient and effective final outcome.
How does simulation consulting enhance the value of Tecnomatix for clients?
Our role centres on customising Tecnomatix simulations to precisely align with your unique requirements. We create detailed models that accurately represent your production environment and provide actionable insights.
What expertise do our consultants bring to Tecnomatix Plant Simulation?
Our Emixa simulation consultants provide specialised expertise in customising simulations to enhance production and logistics processes. This ensures that our solutions are strategic and centred around performance optimisation.

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