Case study Winst uit je Woning

Winst uit je Woning, a platform facilitating collaborative advice and procurement initiatives for sustainable and profitable homes, is upgrading its IT landscape. Their remarkable success and rapid growth led them to be recognised as the fastest-growing company in the Netherlands at the FD Gazelles Awards 2021!
However, such exponential growth brings plenty of (IT) challenges. Having a flexible solution that can adapt to market opportunities, scale efficiently, and streamline internal processes becomes crucial. This is where the Mendix low-code platform steps in to address these challenges effectively!
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Business Challenges

To respond even better and faster to the needs of the target group, Winst uit je Woning aims to make its core systems more user-friendly, dynamic and flexible with Mendix technology. One of the problems Winst uit je Woning struggled with was the registration form. The old registration form was developed in Gravity Forms and no longer met requirements. It was very difficult to adjust and thus not flexible enough to change alongside new market needs and target group wishes and needs.
As Winst uit je Woning's own developers had little experience with low-code and Mendix, they turned to Emixa. A proof of concept based on Emixa's tried-and-tested ‘seeing is believing’ principle convinced Winst uit je Woning to choose Emixa and Mendix to modernise and improve its IT environment.

Keys to Success

As a pilot within Winst uit je Woning's digital transformation, Emixa set to work adjusting and improving the registration form. This led to lots of small tweaks that cumulatively resulted in big improvements. For instance, clients can include far more information in the new form, making requests and registrations much easier for Winst uit je Woning to process. By incorporating some back-end logic and functionality for automated handling, the new form is also much more user-friendly than its predecessor.

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The makeover of the registration form delivers many practical benefits. Usability has clearly improved for both clients and Winst uit je Woning's sales team. Staff can switch gears more easily, while a small change can now be processed in the form and registration process swiftly. The new form also looks much friendlier and more organised than the old version. Despite some last-minute live updates, the project was delivered neatly on time and within the agreed budget. 
The future
Improving the survey form in Mendix is the logical next step now on the agenda. This is the form inspectors use when surveying the actual home situations of people who have signed up for a Winst uit je Woning project.  
Emixa will mainly play a guiding role here. Winst uit je Woning's own developers will handle the actual building and programming work. But as they haven't worked with Mendix and low-code (quite a different development environment from high-code) for very long, they can learn a lot from Emixa's extensive expertise here.



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Optimal Client Onboarding

With help from Emixa and Mendix, Winst uit je woning has achieved a staggering improvement in our client onboarding process. We're extremely happy with the collaboration and the efficiency and usability benefits it has delivered.

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Improved user experience for clients and sales team

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