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Modiform, a family-owned business based in Leusden, specializes in developing and manufacturing products for the horticulture industry, including plant pots, transport trays, and packaging systems. As a forward-thinking product development company, Modiform is dedicated to continuously enhancing it's services and operations. Recognizing the increasing importance of technology in it's growth, Modiform has forged a strategic partnership with Emixa, a trusted ally in the pursuit of digital transformation. In collaboration with Emixa, Modiform embarked on several pivotal projects aimed at addressing key challenges in information provision, finance automation, and supplier relationship management. This case study delves into the innovative solutions implemented by Modiform and Emixa, showcasing the transformative impact on efficiency, accuracy, and overall business agility.

Business Challenges

In the ever-evolving landscape of the horticulture industry, Modiform faced significant challenges necessitating a strategic approach to digital transformation. With the surge in e-commerce and heightened market dynamics, the maintenance of accurate and up-to-date product information and pricing became paramount. The manual processes that were previously employed not only proved time-consuming but also posed the risk of errors, hindering Modiform's ability to swiftly respond to market shifts.
Additionally, in the financial domain, the complexities of yearly budget planning and monthly budget tracking, compounded by data extraction from various systems and reliance on Excel, presented a substantial challenge. The need to navigate a volatile raw materials market further underscored the importance of establishing and maintaining optimal relationships with strategic suppliers.
These challenges prompted Modiform to seek innovative solutions in collaboration with Emixa, with a focus on streamlining operations and enhancing overall business resilience.

Keys to Success

Modiform, in partnership with Emixa, strategically employed low-code solutions to address it's pressing challenges. The implementation of a low-code solution for automated maintenance of product data emerged as a pivotal key to success. This innovative approach not only increased efficiency but also significantly reduced errors, ensuring that Modiform could seamlessly adapt to market fluctuations.
Simultaneously, a low-code application was developed to streamline financial planning processes, providing a comprehensive and accelerated solution. Furthermore, the introduction of the 'Supplier Relation Management' system, built on the Mendix platform, played a critical role in optimizing and standardizing the management of strategic supplier relationships. These strategic initiatives formed the foundation for Modiform's successful navigation through it's digital transformation journey.


The outcomes of Modiform's collaboration with Emixa are striking and transformative. The implementation of a low-code solution for automated product data maintenance resulted in a remarkable increase in efficiency, diminishing the prevalence of errors and enabling Modiform to respond promptly to market changes.
The streamlined financial planning processes, facilitated by the low-code application, not only accelerated the annual budget planning but also provided clear, actionable insights to the management team. The 'Supplier Relation Management' system empowered Modiform to efficiently maintain and optimize it's supplier relationships, enhancing overall business agility.
Collectively, these results highlight Modiform's successful adaptation to digitalization, underscoring the positive impact on operational efficiency, accuracy and strategic decision-making.

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Modiform and Emixa improved efficiency through innovative low-code solutions.

Our experiences with Emixa have been great. The proactive shoulder-to-shoulder mentality aligns well with Modiform.


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