Winst Uit Je Woning Improves the Customer Onboarding Process with Mendix

Table of contents

  • Emixa enhances Winst uit je Woning's registration form
  • The form becomes more transparent, comprehensive, user-friendly, and easier to process
  • The registration process receives a robust quality boost
  • Emixa supports Winst uit je Woning's in-house developers with additional knowledge and advice on Mendix

Winst uit je Woning, a platform for joint advisory and procurement actions to make homes more sustainable and profitable, is in the process of restructuring its IT landscape. They are highly successful and growing rapidly. In the past year, they were even named the fastest-growing company in the whole of the Netherlands during the FD Gazellen Awards 2021!

With such rapid growth, many (IT) challenges arise, and it is important to have a flexible solution that can adapt to both market opportunities and the needs to further scale, accelerate, and improve internal processes. These are precisely the issues where the low-code platform Mendix can help!

Sustainable solutions through joint procurement

Making your home more sustainable has a dual benefit: you make a responsible choice that benefits the environment and also save significantly on your energy bill. Winst uit je Woning is a collaboration platform that brings sustainability ambitions within reach through the joint procurement of energy-saving measures. For example:

  • cavity wall insulation;
  • generating your own electricity with solar panels;
  • reducing gas consumption with a hybrid heat pump;
  • insulating your home with insulated glass and floor insulation.

Together with various municipalities in the Netherlands, Winst uit je Woning organizes collective advisory and procurement actions. During a procurement action, participants from the same region receive good advice on jointly purchasing sustainable solutions and energy-saving measures. By purchasing together and locally, the conditions are favorable, and the prices are competitive. "A better world starts with a lower energy bill" is the motto of Winst uit je Woning.

The problem

To better and more quickly respond to the needs of the target audience, Winst uit je Woning aims to make the core systems more user-friendly, dynamic, and flexible using Mendix technology. One of the problems Winst uit je Woning struggled with was the registration form. The old registration form was developed in Gravity Forms and was no longer sufficient. It was very difficult to modify and therefore not flexible enough to adapt to new market and target audience needs.

Because Winst uit je Woning's in-house developers had little experience with low-code and Mendix, they turned to Emixa. A proof of concept based on the proven Emixa principle 'seeing is believing' convinced Winst uit je Woning to choose Emixa and Mendix to modernize and improve its IT environment.

The solution more dynamism and flexibility with Mendix

As a pilot project within Winst uit je Woning's digital transformation, Emixa started working on modifying and improving the registration form. This resulted in many small adjustments that cumulatively led to a significant improvement. For example, the customer can now provide much more information in the new registration form, making requests and registrations for Winst uit je Woning much easier to process. By incorporating logic at the backend and features for automatic handling, the new registration form is also much more user-friendly than its predecessor.

The results

The makeover of the registration form brings many practical advantages. Usability has clearly increased, both for customers and for the sales department of Winst uit je Woning. Employees can switch more easily, while a small change can now be processed in the form and registration process in the blink of an eye. The new form also looks much friendlier and more organized than the old version. Despite some last-minute live updates, the project was delivered well within the time and the agreed budget.

The future

Improving the intake form in Mendix is a logical next step that is now on the agenda. This is the form that inspectors use to record the actual situation in the homes of people who have registered for a Winst uit je Woning project.

Emixa will play a guiding role in this. Winst uit je Woning's in-house developers will take care of the actual construction and programming work. But because they have not been working with Mendix and low-code for very long (a very different development environment than the world of high-code), they benefit greatly from the rich expertise that Emixa has to offer in this area.

Want to know more?

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