Pop Vriend Seeds adds Low Code to ICT landscape with the Pop App

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The growing global population and demand for healthy, vitamin-rich food are driving the vegetable seed market worldwide. Pop Vriend Seeds, based in Andijk in West Friesland, is a major player in this industry. To better equip its operations for the demands and challenges of the digital era, Pop Vriend Seeds partnered with Emixa. We spoke with Jits Ursem, ICT Manager at the company, about the specifics and benefits of the application developed collaboratively by Pop Vriend Seeds and Emixa.

About Pop Vriend Seeds

Pop Vriend Seeds was founded in 1956 in Andijk by Popke Vriend. The company focuses on the high-quality breeding of a limited number of crops, making it unique in its approach. With this strategy, Pop Vriend has become a world leader in spinach and Swiss chard seeds and a significant player in bean seeds. Since June of the previous year, it has been an independent subsidiary of KWS Vegetables BV. KWS, a German family-owned seed company, is the fifth-largest seed company globally, bringing 160 years of breeding history and significant opportunities for synergy in technology and research.

Professionalization of the ICT Landscape

In the digital age, a growing and flourishing organization like Pop Vriend Seeds cannot avoid growing in the field of ICT. "The development of our ICT landscape is a crucial step as part of our digital agenda. We aim for a natural cross-pollination between ICT and business, considering ICT as a strategic pillar that facilitates efficient business and production processes," says Jits.

The Pop App

The quest for smart digital solutions led Pop Vriend Seeds to collaborate with Emixa. Together, they developed the Pop app using Mendix. "Through the Pop app, it is possible to perform all activities, from order to dispatch, in a secure and integrated manner. The process is almost paperless, ensuring that the sold vegetable seeds leave the company in an even more environmentally friendly way. The application is built as a layer on top of the ERP system," explains Jits.

The Benefits

The Pop app contributes to a more efficient business operation in several ways:

  • Planning becomes simpler, especially by reducing the number of manual tasks.
  • New employees can easily navigate the system and daily work processes, reducing the time required for training.
  • The application provides management and floor-level employees with more insight into the order process.
  • Combined with the acquisition of new equipment and multiple scan locations, Pop Vriend Seeds is continually aware of the location of vegetable seeds.

Strength in Challenging Moments

Every project has its challenges, and the development of the Pop app was no exception. "With the help of Emixa, we eventually reached the right destination. We faced difficulties at times, but because Emixa always maintained a professional approach, we were able to straighten everything out on time. It's during adversity that you truly experience the strength of a partnership," notes Jits.

Further Expansion

The plan is to further expand the Pop app in the coming period. There are features in the backlog that were not included in the initial minimal version but will be integrated into upcoming versions. These expansions will ultimately result in a Pop app that brings even more efficiency than it does now.

Want to know more?

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