Efficient Meeting Room Reservation with Emixa Room Tablet Application

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Reserving a meeting room has never been easier.

Emixa offers a predeveloped Mendix application to optimize room reservations. Originally developed for a client, the application aims to provide more insight into the availability of a meeting room. Currently, seventy-five tablets are successfully operating at this client's locations across five sites. This success is followed by the successful implementation of room tablets at Emixa Naarden and Best, other Emixa offices will follow soon. The reservation of meeting rooms has been significantly simplified through the recent implementation of the Room Tablet application.

Insight in Availability

The room tablets offer various functionalities. Initially, they provide real-time integration with Outlook (Microsoft 365), offering insights into current availability and upcoming reservations. Red indicates that the room is currently occupied, orange signifies an upcoming reservation within 10 minutes that can be checked in, while green indicates that the room is available for reservation. These visual indicators significantly facilitate the identification of available meeting rooms.


Ad Hoc Reservation

A second key functionality of the room tablets is the ad hoc reservation of meeting rooms. If the tablet is green and available, an ad hoc reservation of the room can be made. During such reservations, users can choose to reserve the room for a short (15 minutes), medium (30 minutes), or longer (60 minutes) duration. After an ad hoc reservation, the room is also reserved in Outlook.

Flexible Check-in and Check-out Options

A common issue with meeting rooms is no-show. By making check-in mandatory, rooms where no check-in occurs after 10 minutes, automatically become available again. Additionally, in case a meeting ends earlier than scheduled, users can check out the reservation, making the room available again, both visible on the tablet and in Outlook.

Testing Phase and Optimizations

Before installing the room tablets in the meeting rooms, a free testing phase is always conducted with one tablet placed at the most prominent meeting room. Following a successful test phase and valuable user feedback, further optimizations can be custom made. In our experience, this results in a highly successful and seamless launch of the application.

Expansion possibilities

A survey among employees reveals that users are unanimously positive about the Room Tablet application. The positive reception has led to requests to install tablets in smaller one-person call rooms. Furthermore, the application can be easily implemented across other sites of an organization.

Customer-Centric Approach

The use of the Emixa Room Tablet application does not only transform the way meeting rooms are managed but also leads to a more efficient utilization of office spaces. The seamless integration of reservations and flexible check-in and check-out options allows for more effective use of the rooms, prompting collaboration and productivity within the office. The success story of the Emixa Room Tablet application helps us to continuously improve the working environments of our clients as well as our own.

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