The Digital Machine Shop: The Road to Shorter Production Times

Table of contents

The Digital Machine Shop helps companies stay competitive, design the right products, and find the best way to manufacture them. This data-driven environment transforms production and the business by seamlessly connecting all elements of your operations, such as processes, machines, robots, and people. 

This model includes a fully digitised, faster production process - ranging from preparation to the final manufacturing of products or components. A model that can be used in all industries including aerospace, medical devices, and industrial machinery manufacturing.

The Digital Machine Shop includes two processes: the manufacturing process and the inspection process. 

A component model designed in CAD software is the starting point for executing these processes. 

In the first step of the manufacturing process, preparations are made to turn the component model into a milled product. This involves looking at positioning, material use, and the steps to be performed. This is the preparatory phase for step two: programming the milling paths. In this step, a milling programme is created by CAM software through different operations. This NC programming provides the basis for controlling the machine. To prevent errors and to set up the milling process in an optimal way, the milling paths are simulated. A 3D simulation sets the machine in motion virtually to predict the milling process and detect and resolve errors early.  

At the same time as implementing the Digital Machine Shop method, the measurement process starts. In this stage, a virtual measurement takes place, which can be performed using CMM software that controls the automated measuring machine. A measurement plan is created with the help of PMI data to formulate the necessary measurement values. The probe path of this measurement plan is then programmed as the next phase in the process. To check the feasibility of this probe path, it is virtually set in motion by 3D simulation and adjusted where necessary.  

Benefits of the Digital Machine Shop:

  • Increased machine utilisation  
  • Reduced machine cycle time
  • Faster set-up
  • Precision Machining  
  • Improved quality inspections
  • Enables more complex products
  • Innovative technologies
  • New business models

In the Digital Machine Shop, Siemens software ensures seamless information flow throughout the entire production process, eliminating the need for transitions between different software systems. Any changes made at the start of the process can easily and quickly be implemented in the final step. Using the same model for the production process ensures faster and more effective operations.

If you have a machine shop, you know production time is crucial. Digital automation of production achieves first-time-right to shorten throughput time and accelerate time-to-market. If you aim to optimise and accelerate your production process, the Digital Machine Shop is your ideal starting point!

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