Meijer Potato Wins Boomi EMEA Customer Innovation Award at Boomi World Tour

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During the Boomi World Tour in Amsterdam last Thursday, Sander Vermeer accepted the innovation award on behalf of our valued customer, Meijer Potato. Congratulations on achieving the Boomi EMEA Customer Innovation Award!

Meijer Potato develops new potato varieties to optimize potato yields and to create strains that thrive in challenging conditions such as very dry or very wet soil. Each year, approximately 700,000 potential varieties enter the new cycle. Only one or two, sometimes none, actually make it to become a new variety. After a breeding cycle of about 8 years, the variety is truly market-ready.

The amount of data generated by this process is enormous and highly complex. With the help of the Boomi platform, they have managed to expedite the potato breeding cycle. Boomi integration and Boomi Master Data Hub provide seamless integration between various sources, such as DNA sequences, sensor data, and drone imagery, as well as test and temperature data from fields around the world.

By leveraging the expertise of Emixa companies, Appronto and Magnus, as implementation partners for both Boomi and the data platform, they succeeded in placing Boomi at the core of the integration architecture.

The results stemming from this endeavor are indeed something to be proud of:

  • Progress in accelerating the breeding cycle.
  • Master data management as the foundation for preventing errors in this highly complex and meticulous process.
  • Realized cost savings.
  • A decoupled and highly scalable environment, enabling Meijer Potato to insource certain strategic and demanding data processes.

The Emixa companies, Appronto and Magnus, are very proud to be part of this project! 

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