Dazure Streamlines and Simplifies Services with the Launch of Pokket

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Creating a well-thought-out mortgage advice is a complex task, considering numerous variables that both the advisor and the buyer need to take into account. Questions such as the maximum mortgage someone can obtain or the risks of death and disability during the mortgage term can complicate the process. With Pokket, Emixa and Dazure have successfully developed an application that simplifies complexity, enabling advisors to deliver better and faster customized solutions.

Making the world a bit better

The financial world often seems distant from people's everyday lives and is sometimes viewed with suspicion. It's perceived as a complex maze of rules and opaque products, where large banks and insurers wield control, and the customer is often treated as a mere number or an anonymous cash cow.

Founded in 2008, Dazure started with a different approach to developing life insurance and disability insurance (ORV and AOV). They aimed to offer insurance with fair conditions, no misleading fine print, and a fair, honest price. Just a year after its inception, Dazure received accolades for the GoedIdee Overlijdensrisicoverzekering, motivating them to continue on the same path and expand their team.

What is Pokket, and what can it do?

The development of an application like Pokket aligns perfectly with Dazure's mission: to simplify and clarify financial concepts. Pokket is an online calculation and reporting tool that provides mortgage advisors with quick insights into several crucial variables. In just a minute, advisors can determine the maximum mortgage a customer can obtain according to the CHF standard. Pokket also assesses the customer's financing needs and the risks of disability and death during the mortgage term.

Indra FrishertIndra Frishert, Commercial Director at Dazure, explains, "Pokket also allows advisors to involve customers in all stages of the mortgage application. Insight, exploring possibilities, advice, and aftercare – both the advisor and the customer quickly understand the status of the application. This is a significant advantage because, with traditional tools, this is a complex process involving multiple steps." Thanks to Pokket, determining whether a customer qualifies for a paid advisory session after a free intake interview is easier than ever.

Tailored for Dazure, Pokket also features a solution that enables advisors to generate various reports sent to customers via email. The tool includes several handy widgets. "One of these widgets, for instance, allows you to quickly calculate the penalty interest, something that is challenging without a specialized tool like Pokket. Thanks to the widgets, customers quickly gain insight into their possibilities," adds Indra.

Addressing a need

The idea behind Pokket stems from the market's need for an easy and rapid assessment process for mortgage applications. Many mortgage advisors, lacking reliable tools, use their traditional advisory application during the intake interview, which is not efficient and is particularly cumbersome at this stage of customer contact. Advisors must perform many actions to gain a good understanding of the customer's financial situation, and going through all the tabs can take from half an hour to three-quarters of an hour. This costs money, as the first intake is free, and the advisor doesn't quickly know if the customer qualifies for a paid follow-up session.

With Pokket, advisors can keep the intake interview concise without sacrificing quality, providing clarity to the customer. It quickly shows what is possible, allowing advisors to inform customers immediately whether they can expect a paid follow-up session. The costs of Pokket are easily recouped. Instead of helping one customer per hour, advisors can assist three customers within the same timeframe.

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Why Emixa and Mendix?

Dazure's choice of Emixa for developing Pokket was driven by a combination of factors. According to Indra, they carefully evaluated the market and selected some renowned companies. Eventually, Emixa offered the best options, and there was an instant connection. The fact that both companies are based in Breda was also advantageous, keeping communication lines short. It felt right, and Emixa came across as a professional entity delivering quality.

The decision to use low-code and Mendix had practical reasons. Low-code doesn't require a mountain of complex coding work, making it an ideal method for parties with varying levels of experience in software development to build something meaningful together. You can see a design evolve into a beautiful and functional end product. Working in sprints provides ample room to adjust at every stage of the development project, creating a direct and pleasant feedback loop.

Moreover, Mendix is a leading platform that has quickly gained popularity among major financial institutions such as ABN AMRO and ING. It's expected that Mendix will become the standard automation platform for the financial sector. For Dazure, this was a crucial reason to develop Pokket in Mendix, providing the best chances to remain competitive in the future.

Good collaboration

The collaboration between Emixa and Dazure has been smooth from the start. Emixa built the app in the Mendix environment and allowed other parties to provide feedback in the testing environment. This approach ensured Dazure's close involvement at every stage of the tool's development, making it possible to translate financial concepts into the purely technical functionalities (software) of Pokket effectively.

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