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Having integrated data accessible across all your systems is very important in the digital information age we now live in. Centrally managing relationships (customers) across different platforms was a major challenge for Sibbing, a financial advisory firm for (para)medical professionals. To improve this process, Sibbing and Emixa built a modern iPaaS solution based on Boomi technology.

Complete service for the medical field. As a (para)medical professional, you deal with general financial issues, but also matters specific to your profession. Sibbing has specialized in the (practice) support of (para)medical professionals since 1977. The company advises them on matters such as practice establishment, contracts, financing, financial planning, mortgages, insurance and pension schemes.   
Sibbing also offers a wide range of services in the fields of accountancy and taxation. This includes preparing the annual accounts and filing tax returns. The company serves medical specialists, GPs, dentists, midwives and physiotherapists, among others. Sibbing aims to provide complete services without overlaps or gaps. In-depth knowledge of the financial side of various medical practices goes hand in hand with business involvement. Attention to the client's personal circumstances is most important. Professional advisers with high levels of knowledge and experience provide customization.
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Business Challenges

Centrally managing various customer relationships across different platforms was a major challenge for Sibbing. The problem was that Sibbing did not have synchronised data across the organisation, which is an important prerequisite for providing customisation. This also made it more difficult and time-intenstive to assign each relationship a unique customer number. The key to improvement? Equipping the various cloud and on-premises systems with integrated data and creating better integration flows.

Keys to Success

Leveraging its proficiency in integration and Boomi technology, Emixa emerged as the perfect collaborator to assist Sibbing in optimizing system integration. The chosen solution was an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) based on Boomi MDM (Master Data Management). An iPaaS platform facilitates seamless integrations between cloud and/or on-premises systems, ensuring applications receive integrated data effortlessly. The outcome? A unified source of truth across the entire organisation, eliminating information silos and enhancing data quality.
The solution built by Emixa and Sibbing provides seamless integration of the important business systems AFAS and ANVA (special software to support insurance processes and manage customer relationships). This creates an environment (master data hub) in which Sibbing can easily centrally manage and monitor customer data. For the AFAS integration, REST APIs were chosen, while for ANVA Sibbing uses an XML integration. Emixa and Sibbing are both pleased with the collaboration. In April of this year, the high-level design for the solution rolled off the production line. The test phase began in May, after which the application went live in July. No serious complications occurred: the technology did exactly what it was supposed to do.
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Thanks to the new iPaaS solution, Sibbing now has a well-centralised and integrated information environment. The approach to the MDM landscape has significantly simplified data and system validation, eliminating any duplication of data. In the near future, Sibbing wants to add another three systems to the central data hub. The organisation has consciously chosen to fully adopt the cloud, primarily because it is the easiest and best fitting solution for Sibbing.


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More Efficient Medical Care and Financial Transparency

Thanks to Boomi MDM, we now have better customer service and efficiency in the medical field. This has helped us strengthen our relationships with patients and streamline operational processes, resulting in improved care and financial transparency.

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