From Manual to Mastery: BAM's Digital Transformation with SAP

BAM Infra Equipment, part of the internationally operating Royal BAM Group, has revolutionised their internal rental process for construction supplies. Previously, they relied on a time-consuming and error-prone analogue system. Now, in collaboration with Emixa, they have developed an innovative digital solution that has increased efficiency and improved project management. The introduction of a web shop makes ordering equipment and materials a breeze for their employees, resulting in better inventory control, fewer ordering errors and positive reactions from their team. This success story illustrates how digitisation is transforming the construction sector and future-proof solutions such as SAP S/4HANA can contribute to improved business performance and efficiency. Read on to discover how BAM Infra Equipment achieved this.
BAM starts with SAP S4HANA

Business Challenges

The challenges for BAM Infra Equipment were diverse and complex. Previously, they used an analogue and manual process for materials rental, which was time-consuming and prone to error. Internal clients had to submit requests in person or via e-mail, resulting in an abundance of paperwork and potentially incorrect orders.

This inefficient way of working led to inventory management issues, as it was difficult to maintain an up-to-date overview and prevent shortages. BAM Infra Materieel also lacked an effective system for planning and managing materials rental.

The complexity of the BAM organisation added an extra layer of challenges. With multiple divisions and various internal clients, it was necessary to implement a system that was flexible enough to meet diverse needs. The system had to seamlessly integrate with BAM Infra Materieel’s existing SAP environment, too.

Keys to Success

To overcome these challenges, BAM Infra Materieel teamed up with Emixa. They worked together to create a solution that could handle the complexities and bring the benefits of going digital. It was important to consider what the internal clients wanted, making sure the new system was genuinely helpful and well-received by the employees. The main goal was to make renting materials and equipment simpler, boost efficiency, and better manage inventory. This, in turn, would lead to improved project management and overall business performance.
BAM implements SAP S4HANA
BAM creates more efficiency by collaborating


By collaborating with Emixa, BAM Infra Eqiupment overcame these challenges and implemented a successful digital rental process. The result was a web shop for employees to easily order materials and equipment, increasing efficiency and minimising the chance of errors in orders. This has led to better inventory management and improved project control. The success of this project has also sparked the interest of other divisions within BAM Infra Netherlands, demonstrating that this innovative approach can be applied more widely across the organisation.


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"BAM Infra Netherlands' efficient project management, combined with the adoption of best practices from SAP and Emixa, resulted in the record-breaking implementation of S/4HANA."

With SAP S/4HANA, BAM Infra has created a standardised platform for streamlining processes, reporting and future growth.

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