The True Impact of Siemens Teamcenter Implementation

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One of our customers, AAE is an advanced high-tech manufacturer that designs and produces solutions in Production Automation and Advanced Systems. AAE pushes the boundaries of technology, so their customers can be the most competitive player in their market. Their advanced solutions enable organisations to create smarter, faster, more stable and cost-saving production methods. AAE supplies a wide range of markets in various industries including the medical, automotive, semicon, food and drink, toys and games, office supplies, photovoltaic, analytical and the life sciences industry. As an organisation, they contribute to products and solutions that benefit society in so many ways, making us smarter, more innovative, conscientious, sustainable and safe, and, of course, more fun.

In recent years, AAE has grown rapidly, both in terms of revenue and workforce. Whereas previously the lines of communication between the business operations and the shop floor were short and informal, the growth AAE is experiencing means that the organisation has had to formalise their technical management structure. The key being to create consistency with regard data integrity, i.e. a "Single Source of Truth". As a result, AAE needed to make further improvements in how they manage their technical documentation. Siemens Teamcenter provides the solution for this.

Implementing Siemens Teamcenter has a huge impact within a company, especially within a high-tech organisation where the technical documentation forms the basis of the products that are delivered to customers. Data integrity is essential within a high-tech company like AAE, in order to deliver quality to their customers efficiently. Working with the so-called "Master Model" principle ensures that the data is managed in one place and that the entire organisation can rely blindly on the validity of the data, and use it without any issues. By integrating the various CAD applications and ERP within Teamcenter, the need to carry out manual transfers of technical data is reduced to a minimum. Advantages such as speed, reliability and a reduction in workload are the main drivers behind AAE choosing Teamcenter.

The implementation of Teamcenter within AAE is divided into two phases. The first phase is focused on internal IP data, in which AAE is fully responsible for the management of this data. In the second phase, the focus is on securing external data, IP data managed by the customer. The introduction of Teamcenter impacts everyone at AAE from the engineers to production workers, to order intake and financial administration.

"We were extremely pleased with the input from our colleagues at AAE. Often, these types of transitions are met with doubt or scepticism. If we’re going to do it then we do it properly, which is why the new system was viewed critically in the early stages. By informing everyone as much as possible about the possibilities the Teamcenter implementation offers, and communicating clearly the journey undertaken by the project group (and AAE as a whole), it has worked out well. `{`..`}` Based on the use of Emixa, we provided high-quality training to all employees, with plenty of time and space for dialogue, explanation, with mutual understanding and respect. As a project team, we made sure it was clear that we are always open to constructive criticism and feedback regarding the solutions that have been implemented.” Rob Hendriks, Project Manager PDM at AAE.

In the early stages already, AAE chose for an active integration between Teamcenter and the ERP system (ISAH), so the entire organisation and business operations could benefit from the advantages Teamcenter offers. The system is based multi-cad integration with Siemens Teamcenter, Siemens NX, SolidWorks and EPLAN to safeguard the Engineering Bill of Materials (EBOM). A Manufacturing Bill of Materials (MBOM) can then be determined for production, with the help of Teamcenter, which is communicated with ERP.

AAE has found the use of Emixa to be particularly beneficial. There has always been, and still is, open and respectful communication between us. That’s not to say there weren’t some teething problems when discussing topics like, say, substantive solutions, planning or budgeting. After all, ‘no pain no gain’, as the saying goes.” - Rob Hendriks, Project Manager PDM at AAE.

The first phase has been completed, in which the emphasis was on setting up the system and data model for internal IP data. The focus now shifts to setting up external IP data in Teamcenter. Aspects that are of particular interest to AAE include automated import and comparing external data in Teamcenter. Implementing a uniform formal change policy, supported by Teamcenter, will bring AAE a step closer to its overarching objective: continuing to push technological boundaries and providing its customers with the best possible advanced high-tech solutions available.

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