Coherent Project Documentation with Polarion

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Spark Holland is a supplier of innovative sample introduction, extraction, and separation technology for analytical systems such as HPLC, MS, GC, and NMR.

Spark gathers user feedback and seeks to understand typical issues in the analytical laboratory, focusing on product development towards simplicity and reliability.

To create products that prioritise simplicity and reliability, it's essential to use a user-friendly, open, and easily understandable tool for requirement management. Shifting away from disjointed documents and spreadsheets, which previously formed the foundation of requirements management, became a challenge as projects grew more complex, making traceability nearly impossible. In a proof of concept, Polarion not only addressed the traceability issue immediately but also led the team to reevaluate the development process, resulting in a simplification step. Polarion Application Lifecycle Management enables teams to collaborate easily and securely on shared documentation. You can define who can see what, who can make changes, and when, through detailed permissions and robust configurable workflow automation. Additionally, Polarion has an FDA-approved electronic signature process.

"Emixa Industry Solutions has consistently demonstrated expertise and reliability in addressing our Product Lifecycle Management needs over the years. Including them in our shortlist of vendors was a logical choice due to their knowledge and ability to meet customer requirements precisely. Their extensive partner network enables them to address any gaps in demand." - Nils Reuvers, IT Manager at Spark Holland B.V.

The implementation of Polarion has resulted in more streamlined, improved, and cohesive project documentation with comprehensive, readily accessible traceability, all while minimising administrative overhead. Polarion has facilitated easier compliance with legal standards and regulations, creating clarity and improving the working process within product development.

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