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Designed to Manage the Complexity of Additive Manufacturing

Every high-quality additive manufacturing process begins in the design phase. Our industry-leading solution gives you the ability to manufacture highly complex designs. With features like optimised surfaces and lattice structures, you can design and print complex geometries at scale.


Highly Efficient Print Build Preparation

In order to achieve output of the highest quality, the additive manufacturing process must be set up properly. The integrated build preparation tools in NX assist with placing, orienting, and supporting parts in the build tray in the most efficient manner possible.


Transform your Manufacturing with NX

The complete software solution for powder bed 3D printing.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does NX Additive Manufacturing support the design process?
NX Additive Manufacturing provides tools for creating and optimising 3D-printable geometries. This includes features for lattice structures, support structures, and design considerations that are highly specific to additive manufacturing.
Can NX Additive Manufacturing simulate the 3D printing process?
Yes, it does. NX Additive Manufacturing usually includes simulation capabilities that allow users to simulate the 3D printing process. This can help in identifying potential issues such as thermal stresses and distortion.
What types of 3D printing processes does NX Additive Manufacturing support?
NX Additive Manufacturing typically supports a range of 3D printing processes, including powder bed fusion, directed energy deposition, and more. The specific processes supported may depend on the version of the software.
Is NX Additive Manufacturing integrated into the overall NX environment?
Yes. Typically, NX Additive Manufacturing is integrated into the broader NX environment.
This allows for seamless transitions between traditional design and additive manufacturing processes.
Does NX Additive Manufacturing import 3D scan data?
Depending on the version, NX Additive Manufacturing may support the import of 3D scan data. This allows users to work with existing physical parts and optimise them for additive manufacturing.

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