Train your Own IT Team

Hands-on Mendix Training: Building Successful Applications Efficiently with your Own IT Team

Who’s it for?

Organisations often have their own IT department with highly qualified developers, however they may lack specific knowledge in the field of low-code, in particular when it comes to Mendix. In this case, training your own people is essential in order to safeguard the success of the project.

Course Agenda

We provide your employees with the necessary knowledge to work with the Mendix platform. Of course, we tailor our training according to your specific organisational goals. After the training has been completed, the team will start building their first Mendix application. Each development team includes at least one experienced lead developer from Emixa and 2-3 developers who work together on building an application:

  • Part One: Online Mendix Training
  • Part two: Individual assignments
  • Part Three: Full scrum cycle with team

Are you looking to develop yourself in Mendix, or your colleagues or employees?

We adjust the training based on the skill-level of the developers.

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