Solid Edge Motion Simulation

Improve your Skills and Learn How to Use Solid Edge Motion.

Category: Siemens Solid Edge Course
Course Type: Scheduled
Duration: 1 Day
Location: Emixa Office, Client Site, Remote (Online)
User Level: Beginner to Intermediate

  • Category Siemens Solid Edge Course
  • Course Type Scheduled
  • Duration 1 Day
  • Location Emixa Office, Client Site, Remote (Online)
  • User Level Beginner to Intermediate

Who’s it for?

Solid Edge Motion contains a three-dimensional dynamic motion engine that allows you to simulate problems beyond simple linkages or kinematic-type problems. This course will show you how to create moving parts directly from your assembly components, and motion joints directly from assembly constraints. We will also show you how to use the wizard-style interface, how to add additional joints, springs, and motion generators. We will also look at outputs such as Trace paths, Angular displacement and Reaction forces.

Course Agenda

From an introduction into Solid Edge Motion to using motion entities, after this 1 day course, you will use the Solid Edge Motion functionality confidently. 

  • Introduction to Solid Edge Motion
  • Using the Motion Browser
  • Creating Mechanisms
  • Using Motion Entities
  • Using Motion Functions
  • Exporting Mechanisms
  • Solving Mechanisms
  • Reviewing Mechanisms
  • Motion Projects


1 year Solid Edge/Essentials Course & 6 months SE. 


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