Simcenter Femap

Simcenter Femap Multi-Step Nonlinear

Category: Siemens Simcenter course
Course Type: Scheduled
Duration: 1 Day
Location: Emixa Office, Client Site, Remote (Online)
User Level: Beginner users

  • Category Siemens Simcenter course
  • Course Type Scheduled
  • Duration 1 Day
  • Location Emixa Office, Client Site, Remote (Online)
  • User Level Beginner users

Who’s it for?

The multi-step nonlinear solver has been available as an option for Simcenter Femap since V12. The sol401 and sol402 solver supports advanced analyses, with contact, geometric and material nonlinearities. This course expands the essentials course and teaches when nonlinear analysis is appropriate and how best to perform it.

Course Agenda

Simcenter Femap multi-step Nonlinear expands the essentials with sol401 & sol402 advanced analyses, From nonlinear theory to contact modelling, after this 1 day course, you'll understand when nonlinear analysis is appropriate.

  • Nonlinear theory 
  • Linear vs. nonlinear analysis 
  • Nonlinear model setup 
  • Large displacements 
  • Nonlinear materials 
  • Hyper elastic material models 
  • Contact modelling 
  • Static nonlinear analysis 
  • Dynamic nonlinear analysis 
  • Post processing nonlinear analyses 
  • (sol401)
  • (sol402)


Simcenter Femap essentials course, beginner to intermediate. 


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