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Siemens Solid Edge 3D CAD Software: An All-in-1 Product development software for Design, Simulation, Manufacture & Data Management.

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Solid Edge Free Trial - Solid Edge CAD CAM CAE

Solid Edge Free Trial

Siemens Solid Edge Software provides engineers with an advanced design platform, taking you from start-to-finish on your product development project. This free software gives you access to all elements in Solid Edge. Start your design journey today.

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Solid Edge: Customer Insights

"Using Solid Edge, we can work at a fine level of detail, shaving off any extra grams to achieve the perfect balance of strength and weight. Overall, this means that we get the design right the first time.”

TenKate Racing products

Ten Kate Racing

Motorcycle racing team uses Solid Edge technology to improve parts


Solid Edge Trial includes the latest features in version 2024

Solid Edge trial includes; Mechanical & Generative Design, Additive Manufacturing, Sheet Metal Design, Synchronous Technology, Simulation, 3D Rendering, P&ID Design, Electrical Design, CAM Pro, Technical Publications, Requirements & Data Management (PDM) & more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which license of Solid Edge is available in this trial?

The Solid Edge free trial offers you a chance to experience the full power of our advanced design software. Try it to explore its capabilities, create high-quality products, and streamline your design process.

Get a full license of Solid Edge Premium in this trial. 

How long is the Solid Edge Free Trial?
Our Solid Edge free trial typically lasts for 30-60 days. It provides access to the complete range of features, allowing you to design, simulate, and manage your product development in one environment.
Which features are in a Solid Edge Free Trial?

Explore Siemens NX Design Free Trial with full software functionalities. Unleash your creativity. The trial contains the following features:

2D drafting, Simulation, CAM, Cloud Collaboration, Data management, Synchronous Technology, 3D design, 3D printing, Advanced photorealistic rendering, Assembly Reports, Machining, Modeling, 3D Rendering, Scalable simulation software that drives design, Synchronous technology to support instant designing, Technical publications, Traditional and additive manufacturing, Visualize & many more features.


Is the Solid Edge Trial available for individuals and businesses?

Yes, the Solid Edge free trial is open to both individuals and businesses.

Whether you're a solo designer or part of an organization, you can harness its potential for your design needs.


Are there any Solid Edge limitations during the free trial?
No, there are no limitations during the free trial. You'll have full access to Solid Edge's capabilities to explore its potential and assess how it fits your design and engineering requirements.
How can I download Solid Edge software for free on my laptop?

1) Complete the form in the header of this page

2) You will be taken to the next page where you will find details of how to start the trial. Our team will support you.

3) Download the software onto your Windows or Mac and begin trialing Solid Edge software.

4) Our trials are technically supported. Need help during the trial or with installation? Contact us and we'll provide technical assistance so you get the most from your trial.

How much does Solid Edge cost per year?

Solid Edge is available perpetually or via Subscription. We at Emixa offer both options.

We provide companies with the software directly, along with services, training, technical support and maintenance. We are an all in one Solid Edge expert with all capabilities in house.

For industry leading prices, contact us directly. As Europe's #1 Partner, start with Emixa.

What is the best 3D CAD Platform?

Siemens Solid Edge delivers great results quickly. You can make design changes very quickly and its simple to do so.

The user interface is clear. No need to sort through a hundred buttons to find the function you need. Import and manipulate models with ease, license Solid Edge affordably and gain an abundance of advanced CAD CAM CAE & PDM tools.