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Femap Software: An advanced simulation application for engineers creating, editing and inspecting finite element models of complex products or systems.

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Simcenter Femap Free Trial Software

The Simcenter FEMAP free trial is a powerful finite element modelling (FEM) solution offering pre- and post- processor features for engineering simulation and analysis. The Simcener FEMAP free trial offers the whole suite of tools and capabilities to ensure you have everything you need to start transforming your business. Activate your Simcenter FEMAP free trial now!

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Femap: Customer Insights

"The best thing about Femap is the built-in parasolid engine, which makes the process both easy and accurate. It is also quicker to make design changes."


AIM Altitude

Airline interiors specialist uses Femap to deliver challenging designs and speed up product development.


Hear What Our Clients Say about our software

One of the best features of Femap is undoubtedly the inclusion of the built-in Parasolid engine. This engine plays a pivotal role in enhancing the design process, ensuring not only ease but also remarkable accuracy."

John Anderson

Simulation consultant


The Simcenter Femap trial includes a range of tools

Explore key features of Simcenter Femap that our experts at Emixa can demonstrate, supply & support your business with:
- Composites
- Thermal Simulation
- Fluid Dynamics Simulation
- Structural Simulation

Femap Trial includes the latest features in version 2023

Femap trial includes; Composites; Fluid Dynamics Simulation, Structural Simulation, Thermal Simulation, Meshing, Optimisation, Pre/Postprocessing, Simulation Automation & Scalability, Meshing Techniques & more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Simcenter Femap free trial, and why should I try it?
The Simcenter Femap free trial provides access to our advanced engineering simulation software. Try it to explore our powerful simulation tools, analyze designs, and optimize engineering processes.
How long does the free trial last, and what features are included?
Our Simcenter Femap free trial typically lasts for 60 days. It includes full access to our simulation and modeling capabilities, allowing you to assess its suitability for your engineering needs.
Is the free trial available for individuals and businesses?
Yes, the Simcenter Femap free trial is available for both individuals and businesses. Whether you're an engineer, designer, or part of an organization, you can harness its potential for your engineering projects.
Are there any limitations during the free trial period?
No, there are no significant limitations during the free trial. You'll have complete access to Simcenter Femap's capabilities, enabling you to evaluate its potential for various engineering disciplines and projects.
How do I get started with the free trial, and is support available?
Initiating the Simcenter Femap free trial is easy. We also provide customer support and resources to assist you during the trial, ensuring a smooth experience and helping you make an informed decision.