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NX Design Free Trial

Siemens NX Design software delivers next generation of design, simulation and manufacturing solutions enabling businesses to excel. NX Design allows you to create a digital twin of your product. This free software gives you access to all elements in NX Design.


NX Design Software: Customer Insights

"It’s easy to picture something in your head and model it straight using NX. It’s great for early visuals and even very complicated freeform, double-curvature surfaces, which would normally have to be done in specialist naval architecture software"
Sunseeker Yachts

Sunseeker International

Leading brand for luxury performance motor yachts


NX Design Trial includes the latest features

By accessing this Siemens NX Design Free Trial, you have the full functionalities of the software to begin designing and innovating new and unique products. We want to provide you with the full experience of the Siemens software solution so you fully understand the extent of the tools and capabilities available to you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's Included in the Free Trial?
Explore Siemens NX Design Free Trial with full software functionalities. Unleash your creativity from drafting to sheet metal design. Start your trial by filling the form in the header.
What is NX Design, and why should I try the free trial?
NX Design is a leading CAD software used in product design. Trying our free trial allows you to explore its powerful features, experience its capabilities firsthand, and evaluate if it's the right solution for your design projects.
How long does the free trial last, and what does it include?
Our NX Design free trial lasts for 60 days. It provides access to a full version of the software with all features, enabling you to create and evaluate 3D designs, perform simulations, and more during the trial period.
Is the free trial available for individuals and businesses?
Yes, the NX Design free trial is available for both individuals and businesses. Whether you're a solo designer or part of a company, you can take advantage of this trial to explore NX Design's capabilities and benefits.
Are there any limitations during the free trial?
No, there are no major limitations during the free trial. You'll have full access to NX Design's features and tools, allowing you to explore its potential and see how it fits your design needs.