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Siemens NX CAM Software: An All-in-1 NC programming solution providing programming requirements for design & manufacturing.

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Siemens NX CAM software provides you with an extensive range of manufacturing tools to help transform your business practices.The powerful NC programming features allows you to program any task using a single system. Start transforming your business processes and activate your free trial now!

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NX CAM Software: Customer Insights

"Siemens has demonstrated its performance on 2 levels: the software has performed very well and the people understand our processes and goals."



Leading Automotive company uses NX CAM technology to improve parts

NX CAM Trial includes the latest features in version 2023.

NX CAM trial includes; turning, milling, robotic machining. wire EDM, hybrid additive, G code simulation, resource library, shop floor connect, CMM inspection, data management, process planner & more.

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“Armor Meca was using increasingly high-performance 5-axis machining tools that required a state-of-the-art CAM system to achieve gains in terms of time, security and programming. The company acquired its first three NX CAM licenses in 2008.”
Armor Meca

John Anderson

Simulation consultant


The NX CAM trial includes a range of tools

Explore key features of NX CAM that our experts at Emixa can demonstrate, supply & support your business with:
- Turning
- Milling
- Robotic Machining
- Wire EDM

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NX CAM free trial, and why should I try it?
The NX CAM free trial offers you the opportunity to experience our advanced CAM software. Try it to explore its capabilities, optimize your machining processes, and boost your productivity.
How long does the free trial last, and what features are included?
Our NX CAM free trial typically lasts for 60 days. It provides access to a full range of features, including 2.5-axis to multi-axis machining, ensuring you can evaluate its capabilities for your projects.
Is the free trial available for individuals and businesses?
Yes, the NX CAM free trial is available for both individuals and businesses. Whether you're a machinist, engineer, or part of an organization, you can utilize it for optimizing your machining processes.
Are there any limitations during the free trial period?
No, there are no significant limitations during the free trial. You'll have full access to NX CAM's capabilities, allowing you to evaluate its potential and its benefits for your machining operations.
How do I get started with the free trial, and is support available?
Starting the NX CAM free trial is easy. We also provide customer support and resources to assist you during the trial, ensuring a seamless experience and helping you make an informed decision.