Application Audit

The application audit has two essential components: the Secure Test and the Fit Test.

The Secure Test focuses on the critical aspects of IT security, providing quick insight into the authorisation model for complex apps, to identify potential dangers and vulnerabilities.

The Omnext Fit Test, on the other hand, provides an automated and objective evaluation of the Mendix source code, according to ISO25010 and Mendix Standards & Guidelines. This test measures maintenance capacity, safety, performance, conventions, and prevents duplicate records. The process is supported by experienced Mendix developers who provide their expertise to ensure contextual results.

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Organisational Audit

The organisational audit in the Expert Review examines the quality of applications by evaluating the process and teamwork based on the 4Ps: People, Process, Platform, and Portfolio. It examines team roles, collaboration methods, architecture, and application choices. The results provide insight into improvements that can be made in terms of security, performance, teamwork, and more, guaranteeing a future-proof and secure app.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Application Audit entail?
The Application audit consists of Fit & Secure tests that validate and analyse applications. This leads to reports with findings and recommendations, based on ISO25010 and Mendix Standards & Guidelines.
What is the purpose of the secure test?
The Secure test identifies authorisation models to prevent potential security breaches in developing applications, with a focus on external and sensitive data.
Why run the Quick Fit & Secure test?
Quality and safety are crucial for apps and often somewhat overlooked. Our free scans offer insight into risks, best practice violations, and potential data breaches, which enables you to maintain control and prevent other problems.
What does the Organisational Audit involve?
The Organisational audit looks at team roles, process execution, solution architecture, and the Mendix application portfolio according to the 4Ps: People, Process, Platform, and Portfolio.
What does the Stay Fit Program offer?
Stay Fit offers continuous measurements and improvements, through one-off as well as regular testing, based on standards and specific business regulations, including optional periodic Expert Reviews for continued optimisation.

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