Join the Emixa Advanced Analytics Hackathon 2024!

Category: Data & Analytics
Duration: May 30-31, 2024
Location: Lunteren (NL)
Date: 30-05-2024

  • Category Data & Analytics
  • Location Lunteren (NL)
  • Date 30-05-2024


Join the Emixa Advanced Analytics Hackathon - an ideal starting point for initiating impactful Data Science projects within your organization. Leveraging our proven expertise in Advanced Analytics combined with our team of Emixa consultants across different practices, this event promises to deliver successful results. You will gain a 360-degree perspective on your data-related business case, see Emixa's problem-solving approach in action, and unlock the potential to monetize your data. 

What is the Emixa Advanced Analytics Hackathon?                                                     

In the Emixa Advanced Analytics Hackathon, cross-skilled teams of Data Scientists, Software & App Developers are working on “Data Challenges” using a Scrum approach. Each team consists of 6-8 persons and is assembled with Emixa consultants from all practices. In this two-day event, each sprint will deliver value to the final end-product: A working (web-) application that solves a predictive/forecasting or optimization problem. The final end-product of this day will not be a result table or accuracy score on a PowerPoint slide, but rather a working minimal viable product (MVP) that shows the possibilities which can be developed further. This application can use underlying Machine Learning model(s) that have been trained on actual company datasets and solves real business problem(s) which were previously unsolvable!

How can you participate in the hackathon?                                                                        

If you want to explore the possibilities of submitting a Data Challenge for the Hackathon to solve a (business) problem in your organization, follow the five simple steps below to participate:

Hackathon intake steps

Before the hackathon

Prior to the Hackathon, Emixa can plan one or more intake session(s) to check your Data Challenge(s) for feasibility. In these session(s) the available internal data can be explored by the teams accompanied with your expertise and business knowledge. Possibly, other external data sources will be considered for the Data Challenge (e.g. Google Maps, public dataset(s), online images, etc.) to solve the problem. After the intake, you can safely submit your data via a secured upload portal. If necessary, an NDA can be signed for the Hackathon and data can be pseudonymized/ anonymized.

During the hackathon

During the two-day event, the teams will work on the Data Challenge in sprints. To remove possible roadblocks and obtain the best results, you have at least one collaborator stand-by for online Q&A calls (in pre-planned slots according to availability TBD). During these Q&A calls, the teams can ask questions about the data/ business that were not previously discussed. At the end of day two of the Hackathon, pre-selected stakeholders are invited for the final presentation of the end-product to see the working solutions that were delivered by the team(s). Do you already have a team of Data Scientists that want to actively contribute to the end-products during the Hackathon itself? Let’s discuss the possibilities in the preparatory session(s)!

After the hackathon

After the Hackathon, the Emixa Advanced Analytics Team can plan one or more follow-up session with selected stakeholders or your Data Science/Analytics team. In these sessions we will jointly create a plan on how to transform the Hackathon end-product into a production-ready solution and integrate it within your organization.

Seize the opportunity to register, provide a business case and drive your Data Science initiatives to new heights with Emixa!

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