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Lantech, renowned for its packaging machinery, has been safeguarding products and shipments for about 47 years. Starting from humble beginnings in a garage, the company has grown into a major global entity in box and pallet handling machinery, thanks to strategic mergers and consistent growth over nearly five decades. Presently, Lantech has a widespread presence with offices across four continents, two manufacturing sites, and extensive global sales and technical support networks. Their box erectors and wrappers have a worldwide reach. The company serves a diverse range of markets, including retail, E-commerce, pharmaceuticals, and the food industry.

Casestudy Lantech featured
Casestudy Lantech featured

Business Challenges

Approximately 15 years ago, a significant shift occurred in layout designs, moving from traditional paper drawings to comprehensive 3D presentations. This transition marked an increase in complexity. In response, Lantech was in search of a partner capable of constructing specialised machines based on predefined standards, ensuring alignment with their associated processes. During this period, although many solutions offered modularisation, they often faced challenges in effectively integrating with the essential underlying processes. This highlighted the need for more sophisticated, process-integrated solutions in machine design and development.

Keys to Success

To address the market's need for rapid, efficient solutions tailored to customer needs, Lantech focused on delivering customisations derived from established standards. Their approach involved intelligently reusing 'building blocks' managed by software, enabling the configuration of customer-specific solutions without the need for ground-up engineering. This strategy included extensive support for full customisation. To facilitate this, we integrated Siemens NX™ and Teamcenter® into Lantech's operations. This integration enabled Lantech to digitally share all design data, both internally and with customers, allowing for the creation of client-specific solutions from a standardised master model. Additionally, it streamlined production management with suppliers, enhancing control over procurement, assembly, maintenance, and service.

Casestudy Lantech featured
Casestudy Lantech featured


Tripled machine releases for production, no extra staff needed, with reduced error margins.

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