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One of the well-known construction companies in the Netherlands was in search of a new ERP system that would meet the company's needs. The current system was outdated and no longer capable of supporting the growing complexity of operations and processes within the company. There was a need for a system that was user-friendly, integrated, and specifically designed for the construction and infrastructure sector. Emixa was appointed as the implementation partner for the new ERP system.
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Business Challenges

Over the years, the need has arisen to modernize the digital infrastructure through applications and incorporate the latest functionalities. The implementation of an entirely new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is at the heart of this transformation. It is essential for this system to offer sufficient flexibility and enable seamless collaboration among different business units. Additionally, it is crucial for the system to be prepared for future digital developments and trends.

The new system must not only be future-proof but also seamlessly align with the needs of the business users. A smooth transition from the old to the new system is paramount to minimize disruption to end-users and ensure uninterrupted daily operations. The goal is a seamless integration that enhances efficiency and overall organizational performance. This step will streamline operational processes and provide a solid foundation for future growth and adaptation to rapidly evolving digital environments.


Keys to Success

The process commenced with a preliminary investigation, where Emixa conducted multiple interviews and workshops to capture the needs and desires, which were then mapped onto a new ERP system. Specifically tailored for the construction and infrastructure sector, this system includes functionalities for project, contract, and financial management.

Subsequently, the implementation phase was led by a team of experienced Emixa consultants who closely collaborated with the construction company's IT and project management teams on a daily basis. During this phase, processes, workflows, and system configurations were aligned and implemented in the new system. Following system setup, core users worked closely with Emixa consultants to thoroughly test the new configuration for both technical functionalities and user-friendliness. This dedication and close collaboration resulted in the development of a standardized template, which serves as a blueprint for the rollout across other business units.

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In early 2023, the first department successfully went live. By investing in modern technology and closely collaborating with experienced consultants, the company harnesses the power of the new ERP system to achieve its business objectives and drive success.

Following this milestone, we have shifted gears to realize further deployment. The next step involves fostering the culture of change within the next business unit, with a focus on empowering core users to take ownership of the new system. Concurrently, preparations are underway to ready the next business unit for a successful launch into the new ERP system in the coming months. Processes will be validated, and data will be made transparent in the near future. Onward to the next go-live!

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