Case study Brabant Engineering

Brabant Engineering is a multidisciplinary engineering firm renowned for its extensive knowledge across various mechanical engineering disciplines. This expertise is consistently upheld through the enduring relationships the company cultivates with its clients. One such valued partnership is with DMS Holland.

DMS Holland, specialising in onboard motion control, is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of stability, comfort, and safety at sea. To enhance the onboard experience and provide convenience while at sea, Brabant Engineering plays a pivotal role in the construction of the machinery for stabilisers.

Brabant Engineering takes charge of the design and development of DMS Holland's Magnus Master, the latest generation of rotor stabilising technology.

Casestudy Brabant Engineering
Casestudy Brabant Engineering

Business Challenges

In pursuit of ongoing product enhancement, Brabant Engineering sought a way to precisely design and simulate projects. Simultaneously, they aimed to reduce development costs and the number of prototyping cycles. Their goal led them to search for a 3D simulation tool that would significantly reduce the requirement for physical prototyping.

Keys to Success

To meet the imperative of bringing highly innovative products to market with greater speed and efficiency, Brabant Engineering sought to streamline the evaluation of multiple design alternatives. The objective was to maintain a competitive edge in the market while ensuring the transparency of potential product performance.

For a more seamless transition from design to simulation, Brabant Engineering successfully implemented Siemens Simcenter, NX™, and Teamcenter®. These software solutions have the advantage of embedding all material properties, facilitating advanced analysis of product behaviour and durability at the outset of the development process. The precise material properties, combined with the seamless integration of multiple design alternatives, deliver significant time savings throughout the product development cycle.

Engineers effectively leverage these solutions to simulate and validate phenomena such as the Emixa effect with precision. They also easily exchange various product components, leading to cost and time savings in designing, manufacturing, testing, and data recording.

Casestudy Brabant Engineering
Casestudy Brabant Engineering


Reduced design and development costs, along with shorter development and prototype testing phases, have been instrumental for DMS Netherlands, an established leader in boat stabilisers. These efforts have not only streamlined their production processes but have also solidified their position as the foremost authority in the market for boat stabilising systems.

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