Case study ASTRON

ASTRON is the Dutch institute for radio astronomy, employing approximately 150 people under one roof, including a large number of technicians and astronomers. ASTRON's mission is to enable discoveries in radio astronomy by developing new and innovative technologies, operating world-class radio astronomy facilities, and conducting fundamental astronomical research. Since its establishment in 1949, the institute has gained a global reputation through innovative technological developments and impactful astronomical discoveries.

Casestudy Astron featured
Casestudy Astron featured

Business Challenges

The institute had been using an outdated documentation system, prompting the need for a new product data management solution. The primary motivation behind this change was to address issues related to technical configuration and revision control. ASTRON's objective was to effectively capture and maintain electronic, mechanical, and project data throughout the entire lifecycle of their designs, ensuring that they remain current and up-to-date.

Keys to Success

Major institutes that are ASTRON's clients demand years-long configuration management. These involve long-term projects that slowly evolve over time. Centralized control of documentation management is essential to maintain all details. ASTRON had recently transitioned to another CAD package: Siemens NX™. Adopting PDM in Teamcenter® was a natural step as both packages seamlessly collaborate. Teamcenter® is an extensive software with numerous capabilities. To manage complexity, ASTRON only implemented what was essential for the organization. Precise requirements and specific inquiries were crucial to be determined initially. All documentation related to electronics, mechanics, and project management is now recorded in Teamcenter® from the beginning to the end of a project. While initially used only by the R&D department at the project's outset, all ASTRON employees now have access, and the solution is used more extensively than initially anticipated.

Casestudy Astron featured
Casestudy Astron featured


Over 1,000 documents have been successfully recorded, resulting in substantial time savings, thanks to the outstanding document retrieval capabilities of the new system. Moreover, this practice has played a crucial role in mitigating risks by effectively documenting interim changes.

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