YALA Streamlines and Enhances the Delivery Process with a New Application

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An increasing number of holidaymakers seek an experience that combines the best of both worlds: being close to nature and enjoying the outdoors without compromising on comfort—Glamping. YALA provides unique and versatile canvas lodges, glamping tents, and safari tents that create this experience. YALA's luxurious tents can be fully customized with interior, sanitation, and heating according to preferences. This extends the outdoor season for holiday parks or campsites and increases occupancy rates.

Since 2009, YALA has been recognized as one of the leading experts in glamping. The company has completed nearly 8,000 projects at over 1,600 locations in 53 countries. Its sales network spans almost the entire globe: Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Oceania, and America.

The Challenge

The products supplied by YALA are complex and consist of many different components. If something is missing on-site, it becomes difficult or impossible to properly assemble a tent or canvas lodge. Therefore, it is crucial for YALA that all components are together in the correct transport. Imagine finding out upon arrival at a holiday park in Spain that the ridge of a tent is missing during transport. In such cases, further assembly becomes impossible, resulting in additional costs for sending the missing part or an extra trip.

Because YALA primarily used Excel files internally, the transport process did not always go smoothly. Incorrect items were sometimes included, or components were missing from a shipment. The result? Many phone calls, halted transports, and costly reshipments or extra trips.

The Solution:

A Modern Planning App YALA believed it could do better. The glamping specialist, therefore, approached Emixa to develop a better, more efficient, and contemporary planning solution using Mendix technology. The result was Plan^TI, an application with various key functionalities related to the planning and delivery of YALA's luxury tents and canvas lodges.

The application is fed by systems and employees, and all parties involved can see at a glance where all data, delivery information, and transport data are located. This means everyone immediately knows what needs to be done to get a shipment complete and error-free from A to B. The application is also integrated with Exact Online, providing a significant boost to processes such as invoicing, order and inventory management, planning, and relationship management. Everything YALA needs to set up the order and transport process flawlessly is now available with just a few clicks.


Carlo Bloem – Program Manager: "PLAN^TI has brought us a lot of efficiency improvements, possibilities, and insights. The name completely covers it."

Enthusiastic Reactions

The feedback from YALA has been extremely positive. Employees who used to search for information in multiple systems appreciate the advantage of working from one tool and a central environment. This has significantly reduced the margin of error. In the previous situation, errors were often invisible for a long time, making problem resolution more costly and time-consuming. This is now hardly the case due to improved visibility.

Emixa is also pleased with the project and the collaboration with YALA. "The development process went very well. Everything was delivered on time and thoroughly tested. It certainly helped that the YALA team was driven, professional, focused, and serious," said Yvo Lanting, account manager at Emixa.

Optimization and Further Development

The application is currently in the optimization and further development phase. This means that YALA and Emixa are initially improving what already exists, such as incoming transports and layout. Additionally, a few new features are on the wish list for the future, including planning multiple construction teams and the scheduled days per construction team.

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