Argenta Aims to Become the Housing Bank of the Netherlands with a Digital Platform Built by Emixa

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Emixa will renovate the customer portal of Argenta Netherlands, a bank specializing in mortgages and savings for individuals. Argenta, a Belgian bank with its Dutch branch located next to the Rat Verlegh Stadium in Breda, where we are also based, has been active in the Netherlands for over 24 years.

In contrast to the comprehensive financial services offered by the Belgian parent company, Argenta in the Netherlands focuses primarily on individuals seeking mortgages with smart conditions. Argenta Netherlands provides mortgages with favorable terms and the option to save, available through more than 3,300 independent mortgage advisors.

In 2021, customers expect excellent digital communication, and with shrinking margins for financial products, Argenta, in collaboration with Emixa, is developing a flexible IT architecture for optimal digital security. This architecture is designed to meet current and future customer expectations while reducing IT costs. The initial project involves the renovation of the customer portal: 'mijn Argenta.'

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Bart Zacht, Head of IT at Argenta Netherlands, emphasizes the goal of delivering an excellent customer experience at minimal internal costs on a flexible and scalable platform. The Mendix low-code platform enables this, with its reputation for short development times. After a selection process, Argenta chose to collaborate with Emixa due to their expertise, certifications, and a good cultural fit. The close proximity of our offices, within a five-minute walk from each other, significantly simplifies communication.


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Bas van der Horst, commenting on the project at Argenta, expresses happiness in supporting Argenta with the setup of a clear and user-friendly 'mijn Argenta' environment. In the realm of a digital bank, the online customer portal makes a difference for customers. Leveraging the Mendix low-code platform allows us to quickly recreate the existing environment with the same integrations and swiftly add new functionality. We hope that our services contribute to further strengthening the innovative character of the Dutch branch."

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