Solid Edge: Key Tools for Engineering Webinar

Category: Webinar, UK
Duration: 14:00 - 14:45
Location: Online Webinar
Date: 17-04-2024

  • Category Webinar, UK
  • Location Online Webinar
  • Date 17-04-2024


  • Did you know 90% of Small/Medium Businesses allocate budget for digitalization in order to meet consumer needs?
  • Did you know 68% of 'Small' Design/Manufacturing businesses in 2022/23 invested in advanced engineering tools to improve efficiency?

Solid Edge provides engineers with a design platform that is fast, powerful and easy to use. Design high quality and innovative products using a wide range of design, simulation and manufacturing tools and capabilities, all in one environment. You can go from project start to finish, fast. Plus, engineers on average become proficient within just 4-6 weeks of use! 

From next generation design to fast and stable simulation, you are able to create a complete digital twin of your product without expensive prototypes. Join this webinar and learn the full functions of Solid Edge and how it can transform your business.

Solid Edge Start up - Copy Who is it for?
Engineers, Designers, Engineering Managers & Directors, Project Managers, Head of Business Systems, Head of IT & Transformation & Innovation Manager/Directors. Anyone with an input or interest in the Product development cycle.


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