Engineering Symposium Design Webinar 2024: Best in Class (Day 2)

Category: Webinar, UK
Duration: 13:00 - 15:00
Location: Online Webinar
Date: 27-06-2024

  • Category Webinar, UK
  • Location Online Webinar
  • Date 27-06-2024


Explore the latest 3D Design & PDM advancements, across all key industries, at the Engineering Symposium 2024 Webinar.

This year there has already been, and will be many advancements in Engineering. More specifically, in Engineering 3D Design and PDM. Everything from new design features that can speed up product modelling time by 5X, to PDM tools that can seamlessly manage, access and work with all Engineering data files like never before.

This event will showcase and explore how Engineers can overcome & eliminate common Engineering Design & PDM issues that millions of people have been impacted by daily, for years, including:

  • Design platform crashing/blue screening
  • Large Assembly Management crashing/delays
  • Lack of Design, Analysis & Product Data cohesion
  • PDM data associativity issues & search delays
  • Lack of system clarity & an unclear CAD & PDM pathway

We will also have Globally recognized guest speakers discussing updates in automation, advanced design & manufacturing, and the use of upfront digital validation to transform your 3D designs into real world products. The first 50 registrations will receive an exclusive invite to an Engineering review & strategy workshop that we’ll be holding soon where you can learn more about how to optimize your own Product Development process (£2,500 of free value).

This Engineering Symposium Design Webinar Event is open to all Engineering companies worldwide. 

This webinar is for; All Engineers, Managers, Technical Directors, C-Level Executives and anyone who has an interest or input in product engineering.


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